Alzheimer Disease

By: Emily Faucett


There are different types of symptoms. The two different are cognitive and behavioral symptoms. The severity of the symptoms increase over time. Some cognitive symptoms include memory loss, disorientation, confusion, and difficulty with reasoned thought. Some behavioral symptoms include anxiety, hallucinations, depression, insomnia, and wandering.

Treatments and Causes

Currently there is not a diagnoses however the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of three drugs that attempt to slow the progression of the disease. They work because they maintain the levels of critical message-sending chemicals called neurotransmitters. The disease can be caused by destruction of nerve cells in the brain.

Extra Information

Age is a huge factor in getting the disease. It is most common at the age of 65 and higher. Also there are about 4 million people in the world with alzheimers disease.

Informative video

What is Alzheimer's disease? - Ivan Seah Yu Jun