Political Cartoon Analysis Project

By Ashley Johnson and Andrew Denton

National Security Blanket by Herb Block


The political cartoon depicts the president of the United States hiding behind a flag with illegal documents and bribes around him. In 1793, economic crisis and troubled relations with other countries became even more unstable. The bag of money symbolizes the corruption of the U.S. and their economic interaction with Mexico. The flag represents America that Ford is hiding behind to get his work done. The labels help to identify specifically the unethical acts of the U.S. Also, the labels clarify the methods the U.S. uses to unethically interact with other governments.

Losses by Herb Block


The boats depicted are shipping supplies to Japan and Britain. The U.S. wanted to maintain peaceful relations with Japan in order to prevent hostilities. Even though the U.S. and Britain had very close relations, the cartoon explains the situation imbalance where Japan is set as a higher priority than Britain. Exaggeration with the situation of the two boats expresses the relations of the two countries with America. The boats did not actually sink but there were less supplies going to Britain than Japan. The sinking boat as opposed to the one which is intact shows the priorities of Japan's materials to be shipped over Britain.

"Kids these days! Craziness in schools movies, video games-terrible! Here-Try this dandy!" by Herb Block


The cartoon shows a situation where an implied criminal is buying a gun when the cashier is criticizing youth for being violent with technology. During the year of 1933, the Federal Firearms Act was passed in order to deny criminals the ability to sell or use guns. Irony is used in the drawing as the criticized youth do not actually inflict any harm but a gun is being sold to a criminal who intends to cause harm. The intent of the cartoon then, is to express the need for the Federal Firearms Act.