Farmers have to choose when to plant, harvest, and fertilize. They also decide what machinery, seed, and animals to buy. They watch the prices and decide when is the best time to sell. Farming can be really hard work usually sunrise to sunset during spring and fall. Farmers don't need much or no education/college at all. But it is recommended to take math, biology, and life sciences. Most people learn farming from growing up on a farm. I could work in Hartley because that is where all my parents land is.

My Mentor

My mentor was my dad. He farms in Hartley, IA, with his uncle and neighbor. This is what he said. "I use math to calculate yield. Bushels divided by acres. I also use math to find population. I count seeds in 17 feet and multiple by my acres. Math for farming is extremely important. I use it everyday."

The year of a Farmer

types of farmers

There are four types of farmers.

1. Crop farmers grow grains, fibers, vegetables and fruits.

2. Aquaculture farmers raise fish and shell fish.

3. Horticulture farmers grow grasses, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

4. Livestock, dairy and poultry farmers raise animals.

I would be a crop farmer. Maybe a Horticulture farmer but I'm pretty sure I would just go with crop farmer.


In 2008, the average yearly wages of farm managers were $62,400. Usually $50,000.
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Seedling in my dads field.