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Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Fair Video!!!

Hello parents and families, I have decided this week to try out writing just one newsletters for two reasons. One, all the groups did pretty much the same thing and two, I want to be sure I can attach it to the Friday note so that you can all see that they are here and enjoy them. I know the Preschool, Kindergarten and First grade families have been seeing their newsletters, but the older kiddos haven't so I want to be sure and get the word out!

This week in library we talked about the author visit on Monday at the Coralville Public Library, I saw a few of you there and missed touching base with a couple of you after Dori Hilstead Butler spoke. She did a great job and I am so excited to have a couple signed copies of her new books in the library for the kids to read and enjoy! She was quite the inspiration and the kids enjoyed hearing about her visit.

During library visits this week we talked a little bit about the book fair and about what to expect. I made sure to remind the little ones that might not have been to one before that unlike the normal free lending that happens in the library these are books that cost money and they can keep forever. They know that if they can't buy a book they can help us create a list here of books that they would like to see us order for the library.

We watched a video that previews some of the books that will be available and I talked to them about some of my favorite things they will see there. The kids are really excited and can't wait to feast their eyes on all the books. The older students have expressed that they are excited to have a little variety this year and to try a different fair in the fall. That was fun to hear and I'm excited too.

We're all looking forward to both fairs this year and most important to me is that with the fairs we are putting books in our children's hands. The books you buy them will be quality, educational and fun books that they will read over and over again. Plus each book you buy helps the library buy another book for our collection here. I am so proud of our collection and know the kids depend on it to keep them eagerly reading.

Next week will be a little different in the library! With the book fair set up, classes will not be able to check out next week. Due to this I did allow some classes to check out an extra book to get them through the next two weeks. All classes are coming to the library either Monday or Tuesday next week to preview the fair and to write out wish lists. I have explained to them that these are not order sheets and that their parents may or may not buy the books they write down, but that it is helpful when they come back to the fair especially if the child is not present.

Our teachers have created wish lists and you will have the opportunity at the fair to purchase a book for your child's classroom. We have book plates that we will place in the book stating that your child donated the book to his or her class.

Phew! This is a long one! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I look forward to visiting with you during the fair. Please make sure you come and talk to me, I love meeting families!

Jenny Brenner

Check out the Preview Video here!