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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Here at Los Alamos Public Schools, we are working hard to meet the needs of our students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Included in this newsletter are some resources for your family and your community. We are all learning as we navigate uncharted waters. While we are trying to anticipate the needs of our students and families, there will be things that we over look. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions and concerns. Please let us know what you need and how we can be of assistance.

By now, students should have been contacted by homeroom/ELA teachers to see if students need a computer. Any students still in need of a computer can contact me (505-412-1727) or Assistant Superintendent, Jennifer Guy We can also suggest resources for families without internet.

A list of school contacts is provided at the end of this newsletter. Please reach out to your principals and counselors for help - they are here for you too.

The sudden and abrupt nature of this event has been hard on students, families and educators. Students and educators are adjusting to not having another day to be physically together in the classroom. Hopefully the opportunities to meet with classroom communities online and in some cases, via telephone, will help to ease the feelings of loss which many are experiencing.

Brighter times are ahead. We all look forward to being able to gather together again. Graduating Seniors won't experience education from within the walls of LAPS again, but surely the education they take with them has prepared them for the many wonderful adventures awaiting them. We will keep you up to date on LAPS' plans for celebrating our graduating seniors.


Julie Dare

Liaison for Native American Students and Families

Hosted on Friday, March 13th by LAHS Native American Club and LAHS teachers Margo Batha and Shannon Seitz

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Members of the LAHS Native American Club Presented Dr. Francis with a signed club picture

Social Distancing Pow Wow - Found on Facebook

Social Distancing Pow Wow - Found on Facebook
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can students with limited to no computer and internet access participate in school during the COVID-19 crisis?

A: Los Alamos Public Schools are working hard to make sure that every student who does not have a computer is given one to borrow. If your student is in need of a computer, please contact his/her homeroom teacher, or contact me (412-1727) and I will be happy to arrange for your student to receive a device. Internet access is a little harder to address for students who live in remote areas with limited internet service. For Students who are unable to access wifi from home, many locations throughout Northern New Mexico are currently opening up hotspots where the community can access internet service for free. Go to this link for map of hotspot locations:

If students are in a position where education cannot be accessed through technology, teachers will make every effort to stay in contact with the student via telephone and will make every attempt to encourage enrichment opportunities through alternative means.

Q: Will Students be graded for work assigned during the 4th quarter?

A: No. Any assignments given to students during the remainder of the year are purely for the purpose of enrichment and they will not be graded. When students complete an assignment they may share it with their teacher but it will not be graded and will not count against them if they do not do it. No new curriculum will be introduced in the fourth quarter. Students are encouraged to maintain daily connection with their teachers and fellow classmates by keeping up with teacher emails and by checking in with google classroom.

Q: Will students have the opportunity to improve 3rd quarter grades?

A: Students will have the opportunity to improve 3rd quarter grades by participating in "credit recovery" where teachers will work with each student on an individual basis to complete assignments covering 3rd quarter curriculum. Extra credit assignments may also be offered as a means of brining up student grades.

Q: Will students receive letter grades for the second semester of the 2019/2020 school year?

A: No, students will be assigned either pass or fail on their transcripts. A semester Passing grade will be assigned to students who have a cumulative score of 60 percent or above, once the semester has been closed out at the end of May.

Q: Will seniors be able to graduate?

A: Yes, The New Mexico Public Education Department has made it a priority to help New Mexico seniors graduate despite the extenuating circumstances presented by the COVID-19 crisis.

Q: Will we have a graduation ceremony

A: Yes, but we do not know what it will look like yet.

Q: My student still has belongings in his/her classroom or locker. Will we be able to pick up these items.

A: Yes, students will be allowed to pick up items from school. We have to wait on guidance from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to know when it is safe to allow students to enter school buildings on an as needed basis. We will keep you posted on when we think this might happen.

School Contancts

Aspen Elementary

Michelle Altherr - Principal (663-2275)

Kim Pulliam - Counselor (663-2275)

Barranca Elementary

Virginia Terrazas - Principal (663-2730)

Alyssa Romero - Counselor (663-2730)

Chamisa Elementary

Craig Washnok - Principal (663-2470)

Michelangelo Lobato - Counselor (663-2470)

Mountain Elementary

Jennifer Kieltyka - Principal (663-2325)

Jennifer Schmierer - Counselor (663-2325)

Pinon Elementary

Ivanna Austell - Principal (663-2680)

Yvette Byers - Counselor (663-2680)

Los Alamos Middle School

Suzanne Lynne - Principal (663-2375)

Andy Ainsworth - Assistant Principal (663-2375)

Michelle Bane - Counselor (663-2375)

Jennifer Neil - Counselor (663-2375)

Cara Michel - Counselor (663-2375)

Topper Freshman Academy (LAHS)

Jill Gonzales - Principal (663-2510)

Michelle Harrison - Counselor (663-2510)

Los Alamos High School

Carter Payne - Principal (663-2510)

Renee Dunwoody - Assistant Principal (663-2510)

Cindy Black - Dean of Students/Counselor (663-3209)

Cristin Haake - Dean of Students/Counselor (663-2520)

Cassandra Olivas - Dean of Students/Counselor (663-2585)

Rebakah Watkins - Counselor (663-2510)