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Right now I am reading an Alex Rider series book Eagle Strike. So far, it is okay but I am only like 40 pages in. The best book I have read in the last few months are in the Unwanted's series. They are about outcasts who got sent to their death from the land of Quill, but end up living because the man who was suppose to kill them is on their side and one of them. They learn how to be creative and fight with magic. I like the book a lot because it is an adventure book with magic and is really well written. I read it because of a recommendation from my librarian. I would definitely recommend it to you if you like adventure books

Favorite Books

My favorite books/ book series are The Ranger Apprentice's, Harry Potter, Lorien Legacy, Wings of Fire, Adventures Wanted, The Unwanteds, and Percy Jackson books. All of these books are adventures and have multiple books in the series, a lot of them have something to do with magic. Out of these my personal favorites are The Ranger's Apprentice and Lorien Legacy. The Ranger's Apprentice are about a kingdom where people get chosen what they become and a kid isn't wanted by any group so he becomes a ranger and ends up a great ranger. The other series is the Lorien Legacy, which is about people who come to Earth from a different planet and have special powers. My favorite authors are John Flannagan, Rick Riordan, and J.K. Rowling.

Reading Is...

All of these are reading quotes that relate to me when I read

About Me

Hi, my name is Carson and I enjoy playing outside and playing sports. My favorite sport is soccer. I go to Prairie Star Middle School and take part in F.C.A. and student council. As a reader I like to read adventure, fiction, and mystery books only. I don't enjoy reading non-fiction or sports books.

10 Things About Me as a Reader

1. If I start a good book, I will finish it in a day or 2.

2. If you try to talk to me when I am reading, I won't talk very much.

3. If you disturb me when I am reading a good book I get quite annoyed.

4. I read the most on Sunday evening and Wednesday night.

5. Most of the time when I read, I like to imagine myself as the character in the book.

6. My favorite book series I have read is the Ranger Apprentice series.

7. Some incredible books I have read many times.

8. I like fiction more than any other genre.

9. I only read adventure, action, and mystery books.

10. I like books that have something to do with magic.

Hall of Fame

This song relates to how I feel when I read because when I am reading a good book nothing is going to stop me from finishing it. I feel like I am standing in the hall of fame and nothing is better than a great book. I feel like this how it would be if you were in the hall of fame. This song gets me in the zone for sports, just like books get me in a zone of their own.
The Script - Hall of Fame ft.
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The Place to Find New Books... Epic Reads

I like Epic Reads for finding new books because it is easy to use. Also, it is simple and you can find a good book for you fast. I feel like the best part of the site is it gives you the ability to click on whether you want good authors or good books. When you click on authors or books at the top it gives you a list of good authors or books. You can click on the book or author you want and it will give you information on it. It gives you the opportunity to see other peoples opinion about books.

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