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January 22, 2021

Rose Lane Event Calendar

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Rose Lane Principal Letter...

Hello, Rose Lane Families and CareGivers:

Welcome to 2021! While the challenges of 2020 still remain with us, there is so much to look forward to with hopefulness and excitement. Thank you for the journey we have taken together during the past 12 months, and for your continued support as we look towards the rest of this school year.

We have recently completed MAP testing for all 2nd grade students, after having tested all 3rd and 4th grade students in November and December. Mr. Reyes and I have been working with teachers to examine the results, which show students' growth from last year's Winter MAP to this most recent one. Teachers will now use this data to make decisions about how to best support students as the rest of the semester progresses. Towards the end of this extraordinary school year, we will do another round of MAP testing which will help us understand how much kids grew in the Spring semester.

Our Boosterthon Fun Run (Dance Party Edition) is underway, and we are so grateful to see how enthusiastic and generous our families have been in their support. Thank you for your pledges, and for helping TEAM to raise funds in support of our noon duty aides, start-up money for teachers, and the general fund. Our Dance Party will be virtual and it will take place this Thursday.

We are very much looking forward to our anticipated return to hybrid instruction on February 22nd. If you want your child to continue learning from home, please be sure to indicate this in Powerschool. Here is a link with information and directions if you need it.


Thank you for all that you do as members of the Rose Lane community, and please stay healthy and safe!

Best Regards,

Rose Devine, M.Ed

Rose Lane Principal

Dance Class News...

Students have been exploring lyrical dancing by learning dance poses, by practicing their lyrical routines, and by experiencing professional dancers who demonstrate lyrical.

Stephanie Lachance, Rose Lane Dance Teacher

Theater News...

Last week in the theater we had a costume fashion show! Students at school acted as judges and students at home were able to find/ create costumes at home! We had a blast seeing students in character and seeing the importance of costumes!

Lauren Swanson, Rose Lane Theater Teacher

PE News...

100 Hours Outside Challenge!

What is the 100 hours outside challenge? We are on screens now more than ever. Screens aren't all bad, they are how we go to school, how we see friends and how we play games, but we just aren't getting outside as much as we usually do. That is where the 100 hours outside challenge comes in. Students are challenged to spend 100 hours outside before Spring Break. Time outside can include, biking, playing soccer or things like reading or eating dinner, just get outside! Students are encouraged to talk to their grown ups and make a plan to get outside. Ask yourself, "what am I doing? Could I do this outside?" If the answer is yes, get outside! You can even keep track of your hours on this chart. Have fun!

Sarah Lawrence, Rose Lane PE Teacher

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Music Class News...

Rose Lane Music Class is focusing on reading standard notation. 1st grade is introduced to the concept; by the time they reach 4th grade, students are starting to gain a basic mastery of the concept. We apply this skill to our beloved online xylophone!

Adam Roach, Rose Lane Music Teacher

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Rose Lane TEAM News...

Our Rockets Fun Run - Dance Edition kicked off on Friday, January 15th, and we are thrilled about this year's program! Our program includes every student in a fun, fitness event that focuses on character building while helping our school raise some much needed funds. We are working closely with our friends at Booster to ensure this event follows the safety and health guidelines of our school. This year, instead of run laps, each class will have a 35-minute Dance Fit Party on Thursday, January 28th.

This year, our school is raising funds for Lunch Aides, Teacher Start-up Cash, and our Library. Our goal is to raise $30,000 and we need your help.

1. Register your student(s) on funrun.com

2. Share with family/friends using the SHARE tool on funrun.com. Students earn extra prizes just for sharing.

3. Give a donation if you are able to. Flat donations can be made or per minute danced.

Each day leading up to the event, students will be learning new Sports City Now Character Lessons. It's a fitness theme all about inspiring students to be active and activate their character. Students will travel the country learning how to live and play with more character from REAL kid-athletes. Our dynamic, documentary-style videos will teach students about Teamwork, Care, Courage, Grit, and Celebration. You can join along by watching the fun character videos with your student(s) on funrun.com.

Thank you for supporting Madison Rose Lane Elementary through the Rockets Fun Run - Dance Edition!

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