By:Casey Martinez

whats a rock?

A rock is the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil of the ocean

Three Rocks


  • Texture: fine
  • crystal size: less than 1mm.
  • Color; darker
  • Density: higher
  • Composition: mafic
  • Percentage of plagioclase feldspar:25%...proxene:65%...olivine:15%
  • non-vesicular
  • The rock is extrusive so in conclusion the rocks formed faster.

Rock Salt

  • chemically and/or organic
  • Texture: crystalline
  • Composition: Halite
  • Comments: crystals form chemical precipitates and evaporates.
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Texture: non-foliated

Grain size: Fine

Composition: various minerals

Type of metamorphism: regional

Comments: various rocks changed by heat from nearby magma/lava.

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Rock Cycle

A model showing how rocks and sediments change over time.

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