Roadrunner Weekly

"We're Going Places!" - June 7th - June 11th

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School Mission Statement

"First Street School is dedicated to guiding students to become positively contributing citizens and life-long learners."

Roadrunners in Action! Spirit Days!

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Principal's Office

Hello First St. Families!

This is our Roadrunner Weekly for the week of June 6th through June 11th. It's hard to believe, but our final week of the 2020-21 school year is upon us. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our entire staff for their tireless hard work in support of our school and students this year. Changing school schedules and routine; various COVID protocols and restrictions; new instructional models and programs; and risk of personal health and safety were just some many challenges our staff had endure this year - you all are the best! And thanks as well to all of our families for your trust and support during this year of unknowns and questions. It wasn't always easy and a lot was asked of you all as well in terms of adjusting to sudden quarantines and an increased need for academic support at home. We truly have a school community to be proud of! As we end this year, please continue to be safe this summer, so everyone can return healthy and ready to get back to normal school in the fall (*fingers crossed*)!

Chromebooks and mobile Hotspots will be returned this Wednesday through Friday for our in-person students; your child's teacher will tell you when. InterCONNECT students should return their Chromebooks to the library Friday between 12:30-4:00, or June 14th & 15th between 8:00-4:00.

Also, 5th grade families, please join us this Friday at 11:55 as we "Clapout" our promoting 5th graders and wish them a fond farewell as they move on into middle school. Families may line up along our main school entryway beginning at 11:45. Please do wear masks as we will be in close proximity to one another.

As always feel free to call or email me directly if you have any further questions or need support or help in any way! The school office will remain open with regular hours until Friday, June 18th.

Have a great week and a terrific summer break!!

Mr. Cubias

"Roadap to Reopening" - Highlights from Family Update #103 - Mr. Leaman, WPUSD Superintendent

Here is the UPDATE for Friday, June 4, 2021. There is information about graduation, COVID, summer programs, medication pick-up, and food service.


Our last Friday Update will be Friday, June 18, 2021! Our last day with students is June 11, 2021, with school offices closing the next Friday, June 18, 2021.


Our updated COVID cases and contacts are located on our website HERE.


We are a go for graduations and promotions! Some have asked why we are offering 2 attendees from each immediate family versus a higher number. Unfortunately, this is based on the space available.


We are also offering daily meals to In-person learners when school is in session. Each meal box for Monday through Thursday will have one breakfast and one lunch. Friday's meal boxes will have 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches. Students on InterCONNECT or on home quarantine will continue to be offered to pick up a week's worth of meals on Wednesdays at Glen Edwards Middle School from 1-3pm. You can sign up HERE. Check out the WPUSD Food Service page HERE for more details.


If you have a COVID-related issue, please use the forms at the bottom of this update!


If your student has medications at a school site, those medications need to be picked up by June 11th at the end of the school day. Also, if your student is missing any immunizations please make arrangements with their pediatrician or go through Placer County to get those immunizations prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year.


The most asked question right now is if students will need to wear masks next year. The short answer is we don't know. We will follow the guidelines put out by the State, but it is difficult to predict what the requirements will be.


If you are having difficulty paying rent, there is help available from Placer County. Just go to the link HERE to get information.


Summer School for High School will run for six weeks - Monday, June 21 - Friday, July 30. Just go to the link HERE to get information. More questions? Join Tracy Gruber on a Google Meet on Tuesday, June 1 anytime between 2pm and 3pm and get answers. (


If you want to report a COVID issue use one of the links below and complete the form. After completing the form, we will contact you.

Family/Staff UPDATE #103

"College Knowledge" Focus School of the Week - University of San Diego

“College Knowledge” Fun Facts of the Week - The University of San Diego is a private Roman Catholic research university in San Diego, California. Founded in July 1949 as the San Diego College for Women and San Diego University, the academic institutions merged from the California school system into University of San Diego in 1972. Since then, the university has grown to comprise nine undergraduate and graduate schools, to include the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, and School of Law. USD has 89 undergraduate and graduate programs, and enrolls approximately 9,073 undergraduate, paralegal, graduate and law students. To see the USD homepage, click here.

  • Monday -
  • Tuesday - The University of San Diego is set at the edge of an international gateway on a campus that's consistently ranked among the nation's most beautiful. Our focus on academic excellence — inspired by faith, infused with contemporary Catholic values and nurtured in a warm, community environment — empowers innovative, confident, original thinkers to make positive contributions by confronting humanity's urgent challenges in places near and far. For a campus tour of USD, click here.
  • Wednesday - Ask any current Torero resident or the scores of alumni who once called Alcalá Park home—they will tell you their number #1 reason for living on-campus is/was the sense of community that comes from living among your peers. Nothing can compare to the fun and excitement of living in an environment where the learning never stops and lasting memories are waiting to be made. To get a glimpse of first year residence halls at USD, click here.
  • Thursday - Currently the University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program accepts seven students each year from hundreds of applicants. With only a two-percent acceptance rate, it has become one of the most competitive graduate acting programs in the country. The program’s graduates, including Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Jim Parsons, star of “The Big Bang Theory,” have made their mark on the profession, performing extensively on and Off Broadway, in regional theatres and feature films, and on television. They have also founded successful theatre companies, written award-winning plays and screenplays, and performed throughout Europe and Canada. To see a brief bio of Jim Parsons’ journey into acting, click here.
  • Friday - After class, students can relax at nearby beaches, like La Jolla and Pacific Beach, or explore Balboa Park, the biggest urban cultural park in the country, which is home to 15 museums, the San Diego Zoo and the Old Globe Theatre. Opportunities to kayak, sail, wind surf and more are nearby. Students can join group excursions, led by the school’s Outdoor Adventures program, or rent kayaks, surfboards and snorkel equipment on campus for trips on their own. To check out things you can do in Balboa Park, click here.
University of San Diego Tour

Celebrating Our Birthdays!

Here are our birthdays for the week...

Monday, June 7 ~ Bella Martinez and Josiah Soto

Tuesday, June 8 ~ Andrew Gaut, Julius Howard

Wednesday, June 9 ~ Avani Chandra

Thursday, June 10 ~

Friday, June 11 ~

Saturday, June 12 ~ Ms. Karyn

Sunday, June 13 ~

...And here are our summer birthdays!

Monday, June 14 ~ Andrea Guzman Barragan, Daniela Lazaro Guzman, and Khloe Roadenizer

Tuesday, June 15 ~ Carson Schalch

Wednesday, June 16 ~ Julissa Plascencia

Thursday, June 17 ~ Daleysa Cabrera Apolonio, Leyla Jaimes, America Regino-Diaz

Friday, June 18 ~ Theodore Franklin

Saturday, June 19 ~ Robert Alva, Gianna Borges-Munroe, Dev Chandra, and Allison DeLaLuz-Villalba

Sunday, June 20 ~ Ivon Rosiles Bermudez

Monday, June 21 ~ Jaden Jurickovich, Jordan Monk, Elena Zaragoza-Rodriguez, and Mrs. Noyes

Tuesday, June 22 ~

Wednesday, June 23 ~ Allen DeLaLuz-Villalba, Sarahy Flores Michel, Savanna Leles, and Mrs. Hochstatter

Thursday, June 24 ~

Friday, June 25 ~ Sophia Munoz and Ms. Betty

Saturday, June 26 ~

Sunday, June 27 ~ Paola Diaz Aceves, Tessa Holbrook Silvas, and Analize Ruiz

Monday, June 28 ~

Tuesday, June 29 ~ Jesse Lewis and Mrs. Edwards

Wednesday, June 30 ~ Jacqueline Ignacio

Thursday, July 1 ~ Parker Goodson-Barile and Madison Swallow

Friday, July 2 ~ Giovanni Bellotti, Brianda Herrera Contreras

Saturday, July 3 ~ Natalie Jaimes and Ms. Michelle

Sunday, July 4 ~

Monday, July 5 ~ Kaylee Applegate, Tsavauhnna Ballard, Kylie Frazier

Tuesday, July 6 ~

Wednesday, July 7 ~

Thursday, July 8 ~ Stephanie Mauricio Blas

Friday, July 9 ~ Jose Cruz

Saturday, July 10 ~ Nikolas Aponte, Ariana Gomez-Valerio, Daphne Marcos

Sunday, July 11 ~ Mason Chenen, Janessa Plascencia, and Reign Spomer

Monday, July 12 ~ Jessica Loyola Ruiz

Tuesday, July 13 ~ Nicholas Ford

Wednesday, July 14 ~ Colton Bachmann, Gia Rodriguez, and Benjamin Wolfgram

Thursday, July 15 ~

Friday, July 16 ~ Carlos Ibarra Borrayes, Elijah Meyerpeter

Saturday, July 17 ~ Autumn Feuille

Sunday, July 18 ~ Royal Quintana and Jordan Wilson

Monday, July 19 ~

Tuesday, July 20 ~ Mrs. Tucker

Wednesday, July 21 ~

Thursday, July 22 ~ Mike Calixto, Michelle Guzman Barragan, Hunter Phengmeuangkhoun

Friday, July 23 ~

Saturday, July 24 ~

Sunday, July 25 ~ Ms. Irma

Monday, July 26 ~

Tuesday, July 27 ~ Arnulfo Rodriguez Martinez

Wednesday, July 28 ~ Jayda Patrick, and Alegria Vazquez

Thursday, July 29 ~ Lukas Jimenez and Mateo Rosario

Friday, July 30 ~ Lilia Cardozo Lazro

Saturday, July 31 ~ Kade Pitzner

"Week at a Glance"

Monday, June 4th

  • In Person Food Distribution Daily. See above for more details

Tuesday, June 5th

  • In Person Food Distribution Daily. See above for more details

Wednesday, June 6th

  • Student Leadership Virtual Mtg. - 7:30 AM
  • In Person Food Distribution Daily. See above for more details
  • InterCONNECT Meal Distribution - Students can pick up their meals if requested from Glen Edwards Middle School between 3:00-4:00 PM. See above for more details

Thursday, June 7th

  • In Person Food Distribution Daily. See above for more details

Friday, June 8th - Roadrunner Spirit Day

  • 5th Grade "Clap-Out" - 11:55 AM
  • In Person Food Distribution Daily. See above for more details
  • InterCONNECT Chromebook return - 12:30-4:00

Save the Date

  • June 14th & 15th - Chromebook & Hotspot Return - 8:00-4:00 PM
  • Thursday, August 19th - First Day of 21-22 School Year!

Online Roadrunner Store Open for Business!


The Roadrunner Store is the place where kids can "shop" for items to purchase with the BEEP cards they earn here at FSS for Being Safe, Exercising Responsibility, Engaging in Learning, & Practicing Kindness!

Typically, the kids would be able to walk through our Roadrunner Store once a month and shop in person. For COVID safety reasons, we have set up a virtual on-line store. The items currently for sale can be seen in the gallery below. To place an order, kids simply need to print the order form from the Roadrunner Store website here, mark the item(s) they are choosing, and turn their form into their teacher or the school office. The last turn in day of this school year was this past Friday, May 28th! Deliveries will come this week. Any BEEP cards not used this year can still be used next year!


C.H.A.M.P.S. (formerly known as PTC) stands for "Committed to Honoring and Motivating Parents and Students". Parents play a vital role in helping to fundraise, plan school functions, and guide the direction of our school. See the flyers attached below for more information, and please contact Lisa Chandra at if you have any questions.

WPUSD Medication and Immunization - Annual Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please review the following information regarding medications and health care plans on campus.

Medication Orders and Health Care Plans:

  • If your student will require medication on campus (including non-prescription medications, inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors...), please visit our website to find the required forms (Student Health Concerns and Medications).
  • Please have your student's health care provider complete and sign the appropriate forms before returning to on-campus instruction.
  • Medication will NOT be allowed on campus without the appropriate paperwork.
  • If your student has a complex/personalized care plan, you will be contacted individually in early August to update their plan. Please do not hesitate to contact your school nurses if you have any questions.


  • Incoming Kindergarten and 7th Grade students will need to be up to date on required immunizations before returning to on-campus instruction. Information about required immunizations can be found on the Shots for School website.
  • See attached flyers for Placer County's Back to School Immunization Clinics.
  • If your family is unable to access medical care or immunizations, please contact your school nurse (see contact info below) for assistance and information.

Kelley Gordon, School Nurse at FSS, COES, SES, GEMS, LHS, and PHS

Madi Schumann, School Nurse at FRE, LCE, SLE, CCC, TBE, and TBM

Student Accident Insurance (Digital Version)

The safety of our students is one of our most important concerns and we take appropriate steps to protect your child from injuries. Even so, accidents can and do happen during school events and resulting medical treatment (ambulance transport, surgery, hospitalization, etc.) can be very expensive. Please know that the District does not assume responsibility for these costs. However, as a service to you and your child, your school has joined with thousands of others by offering you access to a low cost, voluntary purchase student accident/health insurance program. The program is arranged and administered by Myers-Stevens and Toohey & Co., Inc., a firm that has specialized in such coverages for 40 years. Details and an enrollment form are in the link and accompanying brochure here. Please read it here carefully.

If you are interested in signing up for "Student Accident Insurance" please click on the application link here.


Our school district has invested in a great new way to communicate with our families. Peachjar is a program that sends flyers out to families and also saves and organizes them on our school websites for future viewing. Click here to go to our First Street School Peachjar page.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Please click here to view and update parent and student information.

"My School Bucks" Account

Click here to enroll and manage cafeteria accounts and balances.

Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application

Click here to found out eligibility criteria.

About Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have, and follow us on social media! You can also download our school App in iTunes or Google Play by typing First Street Elementary in your "Search" window.