Top 5 stories of 2015

"We're all stories in the end.Just make it a good one. "

Paris Attacks

On November 15, 2015 on a fine Friday evening, 3 attacks were coordinated throughout the streets of Paris from 3 teams of terrorists.One at a restaurant, another by the soccer stadium, and the other at a Eagles of Death concert. A total of 129 people were killed in this tragic event.

Migrant Crisis in Europe

The war in the Middle East was the main cause for around a million migrants and refugees to move into Europe in 2015.Around 972,551 migrants crossed by sea and around 34,000 by land,not only is this causing a financial problem for Europe,especially for the already broken Greece, but many of these migrants are dying along the way.The main country that is actually accepting and "opening their doors" for migrants, is Germany.

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Same Sex Marriage Nationwide (U.S)

On June 27, the U.S supreme court legalized gay marriage across the US. Even the 14 states that banned gay marriage in the US can no longer enforce their ban. The long 10 years of arguing and fighting over gay peoples rights has now come to and end in 2015,thus giving people more freedoms in our free country.

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NASA discoveries on Pluto and Mars

NASA discovered flowing water on Mars, thus giving the possibilities of life on Mars. As well as on Pluto, which has ice mountains and water.Basically both planets have potential of having some sort of life form whether its microscopic bacteria or aliens.

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Nations Strike Landmark Climate-Change Accord

On December 15, many nations came together in a meeting at Paris that have all decided to work together to help reduce the climate crisis around the world.(Global Warming) It is said that with the changes these nations plan to do,including the US, the world temperature will reduce by 2.7 degrees Celsius.However they did not tell us how much greenhouse gases will be reduced by or how long its going to take to get to the temperature we want. But this is one step forward to going back to the ways thing were.

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Something I think will happen in 2016

I think that in 2016 ISIS will be defeated and a new terrorist group will rise.(like always) I believe this will happen because ISIS has done enough damage and they need to be eliminated.

Something I think will happen 2016 for me :)

I believe that this year I will be getting a new car/truck i don't know exactly what kind but it will be nice when the time comes. I believe this because i will be getting my drivers license this summer.