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March 2022

Dear Parkway Families,

It’s funny the phrases that stick with you throughout your life. I remember listening to many stories from my grandparents that started with “back in my day” and continued on to share a glimpse into the pace of life or the type of interactions that were common for their generation. I always loved visiting Sioux City, Iowa, as a child to see the buildings and houses they were telling us about and to drive past the swimming pool or location of a restaurant that held special memories for them. I’ve started to feel a bit of that same sort of nostalgia as I walk through the halls of the Parkway schools that I attended not that many decades ago (or actually more years than I’d care to admit). Watching the learning taking place and the interactions between staff and students makes me flashback to positive memories I have from my time as a student. I’ve always loved learning. I’ve always loved school. My family joked that eventually they would have to cut me off from getting any additional degrees as I was turning into a career student. However, I didn’t mind the next class or program. I loved the collaboration and dialogue between the professors and educators in the courses. Each month I’ve touched on how grateful I am for the students, the families, and the staff in this wonderful community, and this month is no different. There will never be another setting quite like a school building where you can see the wide spectrum of activities and emotions. Inquisitive students. Dedicated and empathic staff members. Curious and supportive families. I’m eternally grateful for this opportunity to work alongside the teams within the Parkway School District.

To that end, I want to take a brief moment to draw attention to a couple of recognition days/weeks for some very deserving staff members. March 1st was World Music Therapy Day. We are fortunate to partner with an amazing music therapy department within the Special School District and appreciate the supports they provide! Social Worker Appreciation Day is officially on March 16th, with National School Social Worker Week celebrated from March 6-12th. The team of Social Workers within the Parkway District embody compassion, energy, and a list of resources to support students, families and staff that we so appreciate! Sunday, March 20th is World Behavior Analyst Day. We cannot thank our district ABA team enough for the training, modeling, support, and advice they give on a daily basis! Coming up on April 6 is Paraprofessional Appreciation Day. Please join me in thanking our incredible team of Paras for all that they do to support our students! We could not do this job without this caring group of individuals!

We are still looking to fill Paraprofessional vacancies within the Parkway District. In the past months, our families have been instrumental in helping to recruit candidates. Please continue to spread the word by sharing the link for the Paraprofessional position posted on the SSD Website. Please share the name of the potential employee you are recommending with the Special Education Coordinator assigned to your student’s school so that we can continue to have the opportunity to fill Parkway with outstanding staff that care for and challenge all of our students to reach their greatest potential.

To close out this month I want to take the opportunity to recognize one more Special Education staff member working with our Parkway Community. Mrs. Colleen Stumpe is a diagnostician for Special School District. This week we had the honor of letting her know that she is one of the nominees for Pillar of Parkway. We thank her for her expertise and dedication to the students of Parkway.

Thank you for all that you do to partner with us on behalf of your students. We appreciate your support of our staff and school communities.

In collaboration,

Dr. Amy Blumenfeld

Director of Special Education

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SSD has recently partnered with Kelly Education Services for our substitute provider across St. Louis County. Kelly Education Services is actively looking to build their substitute base. Please see the below flyer for information about the process for receiving a substitute certification.

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Get tips and tricks to making this your child’s best summer yet.

To access The Summer Resource Packet, click here: PEDA 2022 Summer Resource Packet

To access the YouTube Video of our recent Summer Resource Fair, click here:


Virtual Workshop: Meeting your child’s needs using Charting the LifeCourse Tools in the IEP process

When: Tue, March 15, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Description: Your child’s school Individual Education Plan (IEP) can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. Find out how to utilize LifeCourse Tools to help prepare and communicate effectively with your child’s IEP team to determine the most successful goals and interventions to help your child reach their potential.

To register for this workshop, click here:

Please note that workshop information is time sensitive


The family engagement department would like to offer some timely resources for families to check out.

1. The Family Resource Hub –

a. Family Resource Hub Virtual Grand Opening Video

b. Family Resource Hub Flyer

c. Introducing The Family Resource Hub

d. The Family Resource Hub Satellite Food Pantry

2. Youth Mental Health Training for Families – Google link:

3. FREE At-Home COVID Test

4. The Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis Summer Program Guide Announcement (Summer Program Guides Available on 1.21.22)

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Networking is an essential component of parent advocacy. PACCD meetings provide parents the chance to ask questions and share information that benefits both students and families. If you have not had a chance to join a PACCD meeting yet this year, it’s not too late to join! Topics vary by month and all parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to join. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meetings on March 15th & April 5th! Please email to register for the upcoming meeting.


Laura Hoff

PACCD President

Let's Talk!

Let’s Talk is an open invitation from Special School District (SSD) to tell us what’s on your mind. ​Let’s Talk is an easy way to submit feedback at your convenience directly to the SSD staff member who can help.


March 7: SSD Governing Council Meeting 7 pm

March 8: SSD Board of Education Business Meeting 5:45

March 9: Parkway Board of Education Meeting

March 15: Parkway PACCD

April 5: Parkway PACCD

April 12: SSD Board of Education Work Study Session 5:45

April 13: Parkway Board of Education Meeting 6:30

April 26: SSD Board of Education Business Meeting 5:45

May 10: SSD Board of Education Work Study Session 5:45

May 18: Parkway Board of Education Meeting 7 pm

May 24: SSD Board of Education Business Meeting 5:45

June 14: SSD Board of Education Work Study Session 5:45

June 15: Parkway Board of Education Meeting 7 pm

June 28: SSD Board of Education Business Meeting 5:45

Special School District of St. Louis County

Amy Blumenfeld, Director of Special Education