Things to chomp on!

Sam (an observer) was observing Koalas and how and where they eat, how much they weigh, sleep, and live. "They were interesting to learn about." says Sam ''It was fun, I hope you enjoy my research!"

Koalas eat leaves off of eucalyptus leaves each day! They love it so much they eat 7-18 oz a day!

Interesting fact: Koalas use their huge nose to help them find the best eucalyptus leaves.

A cozy enviroment

Koalas live in the easten part of the continent. They all live at at the top of the eucalptus trees. up there they get a beautiful veiw, there lucky they live there.

Little or Big?

Koalas weigh 11-31 pounds of eucalptus leaves each day males are bigger than females. 31 pounds is a lot for a little vicious creatures like koalas

Interesting fact: Koalas arn't bears

"Koalas are interesting animals.They were very fun to lean about and I'm sad that I have to leave them.''says observer Sam. "Luckly, you can see Koalas at the zoo. Make sure to cheek out these AMAZING animals at your zoo. Koalas are like humans, they eat, sleep, play and have friends just like us!
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