November 20, 2020

Important Dates

No School: November 25-27

School Resumes: November 30

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you Downloaded the KCSD Mobile App?

The Knoxville Community School District launched its newly designed website and mobile app in June. The website provides a seamless user experience, allowing visitors to more quickly access important information and updates.

In addition, KCSD launched its first-ever mobile app, available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app includes push notifications for alerts, news, events, schedule changes and more.

The app allows our families, students and community members to receive push notifications for news, events, schedule changes and more! Download it today!

From the School Kitchen!

With winter sports starting morning practices I want to remind students and parents of the availability of free breakfast for all students, at all schools. Breakfast is served from 7:30am – 8:00am T-F and 9:30-10am on Mondays.

We have a large variety of hot choices throughout the month such as:

  • Bacon breakfast pizza
  • French Toast Sticks
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Cheese Omelet

In addition to the hot choice there are always cereal bowls, cereal bars, fruit, milk, juice etc. for students to choose from. We take pride in offering healthy choices that will help fuel both the mind and body. Menus can be found on the mobile app and on the website.

If you have in questions regarding breakfast, or any aspect of food service please feel free to contact me:

From the Supt.
Dear Panther Families~

It is almost Thanksgiving, and we have many things in which to be grateful! 2020 has been a year filled with unusual things...both good and bad. The pandemic and election seem to drag on longer than we want; however, science and technology have made it possible to stay connected to those we love and help discover vaccines and treatments faster than ever!

It has been a challenging and stressful year for all of us, and the upcoming holiday is a perfect time to find ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones. This year, that may look different, and that's ok. We wish you good health--including physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. Please consider connecting with others virtually through calls or video conferencing. If you do host or attend a small gathering, consider having everyone social distance and wear a mask. If you go out in public please do the same.

Our students want to be at school learning and getting a full experience with their friends. In order to keep school and activities going, we need your help! Thank you for doing such an awesome job from August until now. Let's all do our Panther Best so kids can stay in school in December and January! Thank you for being a caring community!

Cassi Pearson, KCSD Superintendent

309 W Main Street, Knoxville, IA 50138

o: (641) 842-6551


District COVID data

First Grade Math

First graders at West are utilizing new hands on math tools. The new math manipulatives were purchased with a $500 Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). A special thank you goes to the Henry Knox Chapter of Knoxville that sponsored the grant application.

All first grade classrooms received some hands on materials to assist in learning number sense and number relationship skills. 120 boards with removable numbers, bead rekenreks, and number bond cards were purchased for first graders to use. The first graders have already enjoyed working with these math tools.

Seasons, Shadows and Sundials

This month in science the 5th grade have been talking about seasons, shadows, and how the first people learned how to tell time. It was interesting to hear their ideas of how they thought the first groups of people set clocks. There were a few students that knew the term "sundial", but they weren't quite sure how it actually worked.

We got a chance to go outside on a sunny day and make our own. We used the sun and the shadows to tell time. They were very surprised that this ACTUALLY worked. We then came inside and discussed a few "what ifs". We had great conversation and used a great hands-on activity to see how this works.

What if it is cloudy out?

What would happen if the earth stopped spinning, would it still work?

Why did it matter where we put our toothpick on the sundial?

Book Donations Accepted

Time to clean out your home libraries! Every year the final library skills class before winter break is BOOK BINGO! This is a great way to encourage our students to read over winter break. It’s our goal to get a new or gently used book in the hands of every K-5 student. Please look thru your home libraries and consider donating books that your family no longer read. Books can be brought to any school office in care if Cindy Hauschildt, Knoxville District Librarian. These books will be in quarantine for the proper amount of time prior to being put out for the students. Thank you for your support!!

6th Grade Social Studies

The 6th graders have had a great start to the school year so far! In Social Studies, we are just about to wrap up our unit about Mesopotamia. This week we talked about the importance of language to a civilization. We also discussed the very important job of being a scribe. The 6th grade students experienced being a scribe by writing their initials on “clay” tablets in the first style of writing called cuneiform.

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clay tablets in social studies

Art is for Problem Solving

6th Grade Art
7th Grade Art
8th Grade Art

The high school has a lot of new things happening this school year in addition to adjusting to Covid mitigation strategies. Our staff and students continue to do a great job and make the best out of a very challenging situation. We want to take this moment to highlight some of the new things that are happening at the high school. The collage to the right are just a few examples of our students and staff in action at the high school.

Last year, several of the teachers in our language arts department participated in a book study of 180 Days. This fall, they have started applying several of the ideas presented in the book. One of the first changes was implementing a daily routine outlined in the book. The routine provides opportunities for daily writing, along with several opportunities for student choice in their reading selection. They have also started incorporating a framework presented in the book that outlines a year of reading and writing along with several new activities. As a result, our students are reading books and literary pieces of their own interest and having high level discussions while connecting the reading to the standards. Students have also had the opportunity to engage in more writing opportunities. This practice is new for our teachers and students but we are so excited about the progress and energy we observe in the classrooms.

Our math department has also embarked on implementing a new curriculum called Illustrative Math. This is a problem based math curriculum which approaches math instruction through discovery and authentic problem solving. The power is in the students abilities to build on current knowledge by reasoning through authentic problems while learning new concepts and communicating new learning using content specific language. The goal of this curriculum is to learn math through solving real world problems and constructing arguments based on mathematical reasoning. We understand a learning curve comes along with implementing a new curriculum but our staff and students are learning together. We believe very strongly this will better prepare our students to be successful beyond high school.

We continue to be impressed with our staff and students' efforts as we embark on these new ventures. We look forward to more information in future issues of the Panther Press from Language Arts teachers in December and Math teachers in January.

Personal Fitness

In Personal Fitness, the kids continue to work hard each time they come to class; expectations to work hard are there every day. We do a total body routine since the kids come every other day because of our block schedule. In addition to lifting weights, we have done yoga, Pilates, and Tae Bo as well as agilities, linear and lateral speed exercises, and change of direction drills. Our program is based on progressive overload principles, and the focus is on functional strength. We will re-max bench, incline, hang or power clean, squat, and deadlift the second week of December. I foresee a good increase in weight for a high percentage of our kids. Our goal is for kids to become more athletic, powerful, quicker, stronger, and more agile. We tested Power Scores in September. Kids test bench, squat, clean, 40 yard dash, vertical jump, standing broad jump, 300 yard shuttle, pro shuttle, dot drill, and t test. They are awarded points from a table for how well they do on each test. They are then split up into weight classes and the top three in each weight class are posted in the weight room. Power scores are good for motivation to improve and for competition among friends.

P-Fit Top 3's

Upcoming home events:

* Mon, Nov. 23: MS Vocal Concert, 630 PM (complete details below)

* Tue, Nov. 24: V BBB - Pride Scrimmage. Norwalk v. Chariton at 600 PM; Indianola v. Knoxville to follow

Governor’s Proclamation

Governor Reynolds has issued a Proclamation that impacts extracurricular activities. Here are the most notable impacts of this on KCSD Activities:

  • Middle school sports are currently suspended until 1159 PM on Thursday, December 10

  • High school extracurricular activities can continue

  • Performers at high school extracurricular events will receive 2 tickets for spectators and groups of spectators must maintain a physical distance of 6 feet.

    • This also includes the middle school concert scheduled for Monday, November 23.

We are making plans to offer a free live stream of our concerts and our high school events. More information will be coming as those events get closer.

Middle School Vocal Concert - Nov. 23

Here are the details for the Middle School Vocal Concert on Monday, November 23:

  • The first four rows of seating closest to the stage will be blocked off. No spectator seating in these rows.

    • Spectator seating will begin in row 5.

  • Spectators shall enter the auditorium using the north lobby entrance and exit into the lobby using the south entrance. They can enter the building from the outside using either entrance.

  • Schedule for November 23 MS Choir Concert:

    • 630-650 PM:

      • 6th grade choir concert

    • 650-705 PM:

      • 6th grade parents leave/7th grade parents arrive

    • 705-725 PM:

      • 7th grade choir concert

    • 725-740 PM:

      • 7th grade parents leave/8th grade parents arrive

    • 740 PM:

      • 8th grade choir concert

Here is the link to the live stream of this concert.


In partnership with Ramaeker Enterprises Inc., we are excited to offer the Knoxville Store - the online apparel store for Knoxville Panther gear!

This link can be found on our school website: and then click on the "Knoxville Store." This store features apparel/gear with items from our new brand system with logo marks that have never been on the market! These are exclusive Knoxville Panther items you will only find here!

Some items on this store will stay from month to month - some items will change so that there are constantly new items to choose from for Panther fans!

Orders will be processed twice a month - on the 15th and at the end of the month and Ramaeker Enterprises will email you when your order is ready.

NFHS Network

For events in our high school gym, we will stream on the NFHS Network ( and then search for Knoxville), a subscription-based service.

When our team is on the road and the host school offers a livestream - we will post that link on Facebook with the host school spectator guidelines that have been sent to us - this will ensure to our viewing public the post/link is authentic. We will also stream all concerts in KPAC on there as well.


Get schedules for all extra-curricular middle school and high school activities by going to and then clicking on "Activities Calendar". You can even sign-up for email notifications so whenever we make a change to a schedule - you can be notified immediately.


Follow the Knoxville Activities Department on Instagram! @knoxvilleactivities

Scholarships and Grants

Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship

A state-funded program for Iowans who:

  • Are recent high school graduates enrolling in an eligible program full-time OR recent high school graduates who are enrolling in an eligible program part-time and are employed in an approved work-based learning program OR adult learners (20 and older) starting an eligible program at least part-time
  • Have applied for all other available aid
  • Plan to earn a credential for a high-demand job

This program, as the name implies, is intended to cover any remaining gap between federal and state grants/scholarships and tuition and qualified fees. Credentials include postsecondary certificates, diplomas and associate degrees.

For more information, visit

Kibbie Grant (Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant)

Iowa residents enrolled in specified career or technical education programs at Iowa community colleges may be eligible for this grant program. The maximum Kibbie Grant award is one-half of the average Iowa community college tuition and mandatory fees per year for up to two years of education. Part-time students may be eligible for prorated amounts.

For more information, visit

A COVID Reminder

If your child is awaiting test results, he/she needs to stay home until results are known. Parents: if you are awaiting test results for yourself, consider if your children (especially younger children) need to stay home while you wait for results. Marion County Public Health, your healthcare provider and the school nurse (641-891-6016) can help with that decision.

2020-21 KCSD Academic Calendar

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Register now for a remote learning course to obtain your substitute authorization! Learn more at at or register for the class that works for you schedule:

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