Room 219 News


Another fun & busy week!

I'm excited for you! You will get to listen to your second grader read "Click, Clack, Moo - Cows That Type" with expression. They have enjoyed practicing it this week. We drew and painted some awesome-looking cows, too! They'll be in the hallway when you come for your conference next week. We also wrapped up our Math unit on subtraction. Our next chapter is one of the most challenging - bar models. Your child will need most likely need your assistance.

"Stores" are just around the corner.

If you've had a child in 2nd grade at Ripley before, you probably recall the Stores we do in December. If you're a "first timer" you're in for an "experience". Hmmm....that makes it sound kind of daunting & dubious-- I promise, it's not. It's typically THE MOST remembered experience of our entire year. We'll talk more about it at conferences, but please check out the extra note coming home today. Thanks!


Since we're in between units in Math, we'll have some review activities that will be due next Tuesday. Also, try to practice addition and/or subtraction facts.

RAH is "Click, Clack, Moo..." on line 4. Due Thursday, the 19th.

Speak Up is in the Homework Sleeve, too. Kids who usually have Speak Up on Friday have been given a different day for this week.