By: Stephanie Correa, Rebecca Gonzales, Erny Estrada

Define the type of catastrophic event:

Drought is due to a shortage of water.

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How does it negatively effect natural enviroment or ecosystem?

the drought effects are hunger and famine,thrist,disease,wild fires also drought can cause many deaths.


How does it negatively effect people?

All living things have water to surivepeople can live for weeks without food, but only a few days without water.


when beneifical or positive effects can this event have on our enviroment

things die and nutrionts are realeased into soi, wetlands are more productive.


What Texas Eco Region might be affected by this event?

every region has lakes so droughts affect it. yes, because of the drought sand is dry and wind picks it up and deposites or weathers on something or at something.