6 Things you need to know...

About The Human lungs

1. What are lungs made of?

Human lungs are made up of five total lobes. There are three lobes on the right lung and two on the left lung. Your trachea is where the air you inhale and exhale pass through to your lungs. The trachea can also be referred as your "wind pipe." Separating from the trachea, there are are two more tubes that lead to each lung that are called bronchus.

2. What do lungs look like?

Your lungs, to be brief, look like two miss-shaped balloons that inflate and deflate as you breathe. Lungs are oddly shaped and kind of look like a side view of your thumb.

3. What do your lungs do?

What your lungs do for the human body is allow oxygen in the air to get into your body and get rid of all the carbon dioxide.

4. Why do we need them?

We need lungs to bring in oxygen to our body because oxygen is needed for your whole body to function correctly.

5. Look after your lungs

Your lungs are super duper important organ in your body to live. So take good care of them. That means try your best to stay away from anything that will harm them.

6. Lung diseases

If you don't look after your lungs, and do not keep them healthy, Then there are many various diseases you can develop. For example, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis, COPD, and pneumonia. All of those major diseases can be caused for smoking and other things that might harm your lungs. All of those major diseases can develop to become lethal to the human body.