Turning point of the war, and union victory.

What was the battle of Gettysburg?

The battle of Gettysburg happen on july the 1st through the 3rd in 1863. It was significance because it stop Robert E. Lees second invasion of the north. It was one of the most bloodest and horrible battles in the civil war. It ended in the union victory over the south but came at a high cost.

Main facts about the war!

  • On July 1st through the 3rd in1863
  • Fought at gettysburg because of the road system.
  • Second day of the war was the largest and coliest of the battle there were 100,000 soilder sent but 20,000 died wounded or captured.
  • It was improtant because it was general Lee second major attempt to invad the north but he was defeated.
  • Over 51,ooo people died.

Important figures of the battle

  • General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate "Army of Northern Virginia.
  • Army of the Potomac (the Union) commanded by Gen. George G.Meade