Learning Coach Update

Chicago Virtual Charter School

October 16, 2015

Parenting with Love and Logic Workshop

Ms. Tucker will lead a workshop using the Parenting with Love and Logic Curriculum. The curriculum provides powerful tools to help our children learn to make good choices and experience happy lives while maintaining their love and respect. This week our topic will be Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love. The meetings will be held during next week (Week of October 19th) during the first hour of your student’s Learning Center time.

Blackstar Parent University Workshop-NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR THIS YEAR

CVCS is excited to bring the Blackstar Parent University to the CVCS this year to provide workshops for families throughout the year. On FRIDAY, October 30th at CVCS from 10 AM-11 AM. The topic will be Ensuring that Your Child Has the Readiness and Resources to Attend College. Funds for this activity were funded by NCLB Title 1.

Show Your Chicago Spirit Next Week When the Cubs Play the Mets

Please feel free to join in the fun with the CVCS staff as they wear Chicago Cubs gear/colors to cheer on the Cubs during their games next week as they play the New York Mets. Games are scheduled for Tuesday (Oct. 20th). Wednesday (Oct. 21st), and Thursday (Oct. 22nd). Go Cubs Go!

PBIS: “Spotlighting” I. Arauz in Ms. Darin’s Kindergarten Class

The Kindergarten students at CVCS, have been spending time in class discussing what it means to “respect” others. We have been practicing being a good friend, sharing, taking turns, following the classroom rules and following all given directions at the learning center and during our class connect sessions.

I. Arauz has done a great job demonstrating all of these “characteristics” of respect when she is in class at the learning center on Tuesday mornings. I have seen I. Arauz include her peers in activities, loan her pencil to a classmate who did not have one, and reach out to a friend in need. She is polite and uses her manners. When Isabel wants to share her “wonderful” ideas in class or ask a question, I never has to remind I. Arauz to raise her hand.

I. Arauz also takes great pride in her work. She puts forth her best effort and even tries her hardest to sound out the words she wants to write. I am so proud of her hard work in class this fall! Our mission at CVCS states that we want our students to “flourish as an individual and citizen in a diverse, global society,” and I. Arauz truly represents how she is continuing to learn, grow, and become the best student she can be at CVCS!

It is with pleasure, that I recognize I. Arauz for our school’s first weekly, PBIS Student/Learning Coach “spotlight.”

Ms. Katrina Darin, Kindergarten Teacher

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