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Idea for using those cameras in your room..

The Art of Persuasion

Materials Needed

Choose one

To do:

Salespeople, business leaders, politicians, and even

school teachers use the art of persuasion every day.


Have your students pick something they would like to persuade someone to

allow them to do.

Do they want to stay up an hour later at

night? Would they like more time out at recess? How about

having dessert before dinner! Now, that's a favorite! Ask your

students to think of arguments that they could use to persuade a

person to allow them to do these things. Have them write their

arguments down on a piece of paper. Next, videotape the

students to show what they would say. Allow the student to

pick someone to practice the art of persuasion on. If the

students aren't confident about whether they can persuade

someone fully, be sure the art of compromise is the next lesson!

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The point:

We all need to understand how to present a

point, using solid and logical arguments.

To complete:

Download the video to the computer.

To share:

Let the students watch their classmates

persuading someone to let them do something and see if it

works. Does the student present a good case? Have students

vote "Yea or Nay"! Have other classmates give positive feedback.

To discuss:

Can you think of a time that you persuaded

someone to let you do something that you wanted to do? Is

there a time that you should be aware that YOU are being

persuaded? How can you be sure that you are not being

persuaded to do the wrong thing? How are advertising and

commercials "the art of persuasion"? How do lawyers

"persuade" a jury? Who else gets paid to persuade?

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