Campus Expansion Update

from the Board of Trustees



As you know the board has worked this past summer with the community members in updating the strategic plan.

One clear request that came out of this plan from the various groups including saturday school, sunday school, free clinic, etc. was the need for more classroom space.

In addition, the board has taken your feedback on the capital project presented in 2018 as being extremely ambitious and have taken a step back to redesign the approach to smaller modular goals that can be achieved in a more reasonable budget with a focus on immediate needs.

The next step in the process was to engage the architect and initiate the design and planning process. This was approved by the board in October 2019. The details are below.

Campus Expansion - Planning Phase (Phase 1)

The Planning Phase also known as Phase 1 was approved by the Board, to begin the design and planning activities for three building modules with a target to complete the design by the second quarter of 2021 at the latest.

The architect selected was Khaled Noman of Noman Architects, Inc. in Glenview. This was done after reviewing proposals from multiple other architects. Noman Architects most recent project was the Darusalam masjid expansion in Lombard. The below promo video from Masjid Darusalam will give you an idea of the scope of work done by Noman Architects.

The motion of the board was to approve the planning phase at a cost of $309,100 with a contingency of up to $20K for fees and any other non-architect related charges.

The payment schedule consists of an upfront payment of $14.5K followed by payments of approximate $18K per month beginning in November 2019 and subject to work completed.

The construction committee will submit a quarterly report on project progress to the board including spend to date and project spend left till the end of the project.

Further progress and details will be shared with the community as part of the upcoming townhalls being scheduled for the new year, inshallah.