By Paris TeBrink

Automatic Movie

On keynote you can make automatic movies. All you have to do is when you go to build an you click on transitions from each slide you make all of the transitions automatically. So all you have to do is push play and it will run all by itself.

Adding themes

On keynote there are a lot of colorful, creative themes you can choose from. And the different themes you chose the text may be layed out differently.

Keynote is good for making presentations!!!

Adding Text and Pictures

How to add Text?? If you want to add a text there will be a box that says double-click to edit. You double tap it and then it will let you type. You can highlight or color the text in any color. If you wanna add a text box there is a button on the top that lets you do that.

How to add Pictures?? If you want to add a picture you can drag it on or go to your files an find it on your desktop. When you add a picture you can choose if you want a border or frame around it.

Builds and Transitions

Builds are how the image or text appears on the slide and how it goes off. You can find builds when you go to the inspector.

Transitions are how the slides change. You can find Transitions also when you go to inspector.