The Best Birthday Ever

By: Darricka Ingram

The Best Birthday Ever

This story is about The Best Birthday Ever. This whole thing happened on the next day after my birthday at my cousin house. Everybody kept ignoring me when I kept telling them what I wanted to do for my birthday. I was getting mad that whole week when my mommy told me I wasn't doing anything but getting my hair, nails, shoes and eyebrows done that week. But my birthday week actually went how I wanted it to be. Even though it was at my cousin house in Thomasville.

On my birthday April 27th my mommy got my hair done. After I got my hair done she took me and my sister to get some shoes and a outfit for the weekend. The next day which was Monday I got up and went to school. When I got out of school my mommy had a list of chores for me to do, I was mad but I still did them. They were easy that's the only reason why I did them.

After I finished all my chores my grandma came to pick my sister and I up to go shopping for my birthday. We was out shopping for about four hours. while we were out shopping I was getting tired, so I asked my grandma could we go home now? She said " We going to go to you cousin house really quick." I said "okay." On our way to my cousin house my grandma was talking about what we doing and where we going for my birthday . That's the only thing she talked about, she was more excited about my birthday then I was.

We arrived at my cousin house. It was dark, my cousin house is never dark he always have the lights on. My grandma and my sister made me go to the door, I was scared. I walked in and when I turned on the lights everybody jumped out and yelled " HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me. After everybody laughed at my reaction , my mommy and my sister gave me all my presents from them. I was kind of shocked because I didn't know what was going on. Everybody started to give me presents then.

Now I know when its around my birthday, and everybody act like they don't hear me I know they really do. That day meant EVERYTHING to me, just because my mommy planned the whole thing without anybody help, and she proved to me that if nobody else got you I do, and that made me feel very special. Knowing that my mommy planned my whole birthday, I really appreciate her for everything she do for my sister and I. And everything we do or have is all because of her.