Current Issues in Asia

By Steel Manion and Arun Raja

Population Density in Asia

The large population in Asia creates many problems. For example many areas of Asia deal with over population. Some countries such as China have tried to limit the amount of children people could have With the one child policy. Countries with large populations can experience a variety of issues. These large countries have so many people that they are not able to supply enough jobs for the population. This creates a lot of poor people in the nation which raises its poverty level. Also having a large population affects the environment in a negative way. With so many people it takes many types of transportations to jobs and other important places. With so many buses, trains, motorcycles, ect the environment suffers. In nations like this, there is often little or no middle class.

Pollution in the Ganges

The most polluted river in the world , no surprise, is the Ganges River. The main cause for pollution in the Ganges River is Hindu traditions. It is considered sacred in the Hindu religion for families to cremate their deceased along the banks of the river and dump the ashes into the river. This way, the deceased have a direct path into heaven. Every day, 1 billion liters of untreated sewage is dumped in the river every day. Approximately 400 million people rely on it for food and water too! The families of those who are cremated must also drink a teaspoon of Ganges River water. The water is around 3500 times over the limit suggested by the WHO as safe. With all these people actively depending on it and drinking it, a drastic amount of people are getting sick each day because of this. All this pollution has also resulted in vasts amounts of chromium to be dumped into the river, which turns the water toxic.(Ganges, 2)

Outsourcing in Asia

Many people in Asia often work extremely hard hours for little or no money. Due to this, many companies are outsourcing to Asia. The word outsourcing is "a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers,"(Investopedia, 3). When a company starts to outsource, there are many benefits and negatives. For example, the company benefits because they are able to hire people for very cheap which allows the company to cut down on costs. However, the people who used to work for the company get laid off and struggle to find a new job. This can be seen often whenever a major U.S company starts to outsource.

Child Labor

Many asian countries rely heavily on the labor of children. These children don't deserve to be working right now. They need an education and should live a normal childhood. In India children under the age of 7 are working at least 2 hours a day and children 12- 14 are avarageing 5 hours of labor each day, (Child Labor, 1).


Kashmir is a disputed territory in northern India and northeastern Pakistan. It has been the source of religious conflict for many decades. The part of Kasmhir controlled by Pakistan mainly has Hindus living there while the part controlled by India mainly has Muslims living there. China also has a territory in Kashmir, called the Aksai Chin. These three major world powers have been going at it for quite some time. A total of three wars have been fought over this region, mainly because it is a clashing point of three religions (Kashmir, 4)


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