Izzy Myszak

"Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy."

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My Family and Friends

My parents are Frank Myszak and Angie Richey, I have a stepfather named Anthony Richey. I also have a sister named Chloe. I have many friends as well. From those I have known ever since I can remember to those who I have grown close to throughout middle school.

Activities I am in

I am apart of the following extracurriculars,

-I am a dancer at Diamond Dance Centre

-I am the President of the SHS SADD Club

-I am apart of the SHS Student Council

-I am apart of the SHS Science Olympiad Team

-I am apart of the SHS Girl's Golf Team

-I am apart of the SHS Sunshine Society

I have been dancing for eleven years and I'm now on the DDC Competition Team