Ricardo Sanabria


Who Iam

Intrest: I like soccer, playing video games watching t.v, riding my bike and scooter, and bacon.

Skills: My skills are playing soccer, videogames, science,bike riding.

Values:I value money, church,my parents,family,and school.

Self-esteem:My self-esteem is high and low sometimes. when iam happy of corse its high. Then when i get mad its low.

Learning style: I like learning hands on because I can really understand better that way.

" Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career?"

I think the following statment means you have to do what you love.

Where Am I Going

My career as a surgeon where i get to help others. My median salary is $187.200. The joboutlook is 18% faster then avrage. The cluster my career is in is Health and Sience. Usally work in well lighted, and serile enviorments. Most surgeons work full time, and overnight hours. Something intresting about my career is you have to go to college for a very long time.
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How Do I Get There

The college I would like to go to is Oklahoma State University. This university is located in Stillwater,Oklahoma. This college is not so far from home. The reaseon I would like to go to this college is because there its beatiful, careing, and clean. You would need a bachleors degree in order to become a surgeon. The anual tuition is $16872. I would hope for a bachlors sholarship.
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