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What have we been up to?

We've been writing about animals this week! Ask your kiddo about the animal they have been researching :) They have enjoyed learning about all the different birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and mammals!
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Leprechaun Traps and Fraction Leprechaun Treats!!

On Friday, our STEM project was to create a Leprechaun Trap! We made a special Leprechaun Rice Cake to lure the Leprechauns into our traps! Take a look!


If you have an apple device that has Photo Stream, I have created a "Shared Stream" that I will upload all of the class photos too :) You will get them as I take them directly onto your phone! Just another way for us to stay connected!

If you would like to participate, please text me your cell number (my contact info is at the bottom of the page) with your name and your child's name!

This is going to be fun!

Homework Help: 3/17/14-3/21/14



This week we are adding another "bossy r" sound. We are learning -ar as in STAR. So far we have learned -er -ir -ur and -ar. Have students create a chart with each of these patterns at the top. See how many words they can find with their spelling patterns. Have students read signs, labels, books, or anything else they can get their hands on :) The best readers are students that "voraciously" reads everything around them.


This week we are still working on fractions! They will be learning what a "whole" is, "half of" and a "quarter of". Try to reinforce at home that a "half of " something and a "quarter of" something is part of a "whole". The kiddos seem to be picking up these concepts pretty quickly!

MATH FACT FLUENCY: One great way to help students become stronger in math is to have them practice their math facts. The quicker they can add and subtract, the more successful students will be in the future. Each day we do what the kids call "Bubblegum Math". The kiddos practice adding and subtracting numbers within 10 (5+3, 4+7, 8+8). They have 1 minute to complete as many problems as possible. At this point in the year, their goal is to complete 15 addition problems in a minute and 10 subtraction problems in a minute. Ideally, we want them to be able to find the answer to each problem in 3 seconds. Grab some flash cards and have kids practice every night! Below are some other fun ways to practice fact fluency :)

How Fast Can Your Child Connect the Eggs:

Fast Math (Using a deck of cards):

Have students split a deck of cards into two piles (number side down). Have students flip over two cards at a time and add/subtract the numbers. If they get them correct they keep them. If not, put them in a discard pile. See how many cards they can earn in a minute.

Record math fluency times on a piece of paper or whiteboard! Have students try to beat their best score :)

HOPE THIS HELPS! If you have any questions feel free to contact me :)


EVERY FRIDAY IN MARCH: Send in $1 to wear a hat to support RELAY FOR LIFE!

Pre-K Registration: 3/17/14 through 3/21/14 until 12PM