Waco Mammoth National Monument

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On a 1978, Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin were out on a search for arrowheads and fossils. near the Bosque river. They then saw an unusual figure, which was eroding from the ground. They began investigating and got in conclusion that they were bones. They dug some bones out and sent them to the Baylor University's Strecker Museum, where they examined them. The scientist there found out that they were femur bones, from Colombian mammoths. These creatures lived in the Pleistocene Epoch, they usually were in North America and Canada, and as far south as Costa Rica.

They fond some volunteer's that would help them dug the site, to see if there were more bones. Between 1978 and 1990, the 16 mammoths were discovered by these people. They found a nursery herd that looked as if they died together, because of a natural disaster. Between 1990 and 1997, 6 more mammoths were discovered. They found a male, with more female and children. They also found dwarf antelope, American alligator, giant tortoise, and the tooth of a juvenile saber-toothed cat, which was found next to an unidentified animal. Some of the bones were left on the site, for the people to see them, The staff at Waco mammoth national monument have taken care of the bones, as much as they can. The rest of the bones have been taking to Baylor for more research.

The ecosystem affects

Back in the past time, when mammoths still roamed on North and South America. The climate and terrain was different. The dirt had not been eroded yet, and the humidity was high in some places. Where the mammoths lived, the mountains were steep and the floddings were terrible.

The animal and plants that these animals ate at one time. They increased in population. The grasses that they ate, grew really tall. The ecosystem was unbalanced at this time. It took some time to restore the balanced ecosystem. The predators starved to death, some had to adapt to other foods.


Most people were religious at the time. They believed that God made man when the world was created, and it was true, it's just that we weren't really human at the time, we were animals. When the discovery of the Mammoth bones was announced, the Christians were confused, and started looking to the bible. Of course they found the same thing they were taught.

This problem is still being debated today. The freedom of speech law was made in 1791, this meant that it was not really a conflict that had people in war, because there was a law that enforced and protected the discovery. This was acceptable and did no harm to the society. They have different opinions, and sometimes you just have to accept the choices they make or think.

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