Clostridium Botulinum


Because You Don't Want The Side Affects

Where does it hide?

Hide Outs :

The most common hide outs are:
  • Home-Canned Foods
  • Honey - Infants Only
Where it's found in these:
  • Foods that are improperly canned
  • Honey fed to infants under 12 months

- If you make canned food at home and skip a step or not clean something, you have the chance that the virus might develop there.

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Crimes? :

Side Affects :

There are many side affects, these are only some:
  • Double-Vision
  • Slurred-Speech
  • Weak Cry - Infants only

- You do not want the symptoms of passing out and things like double vision as well. If it's something like double-vision, don't expect it to go away in less than a minute.

How To Prevent?

Prevention :

One of the main ways to avoid getting this virus is to learn how to can foods properly; these are a few more ways:
  • Work in clean areas
  • Watch expiration dates
  • Don't leave foods out for more than 2 hours
  • Learn to properly cook
  • Separate, cook, clean, chill.
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