My true colors

Cody Norton 4th hour


  • Hard time fitting into a academic routine
  • I learned by doing and experiencing rather than by reading and listening
  • I needed physical involvment

At work

  1. I view any kind of tool as an extension of myself
  2. I am bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured
  3. I am a natural performer


  • Shared activities and interests
  • Explore new ways to energize a relationship
  • Need to be bold and thrive on physical contact

Leader ship style

  1. Expects quick action
  2. works in the here and now
  3. Flexible approach
  4. Welcomes change

Symptoms of a bad day

  • Rudeness and defiance
  • Lying and cheating
  • use of stimulants
  • Physical aggressiveness