Keylee's Portfolio

All About Me

My name is Keylee Circle and I have one sister named Bailey, My moms name Is Kim and my dads name Is Aaron. I have attended highland all my life. My best friends are Abby, Shey, Gracie and Patience. My hobbies are Golfing, gymnastics, Track and Cheerleading. I want to go to college at UofA and become a veterinarian.

Self Esteem

My results were what I expected them to be. I figured I would have a pretty high self esteem. I had a 66% on my results. I don't get down on myself when someone insults me. It says I have the ability to deal with rejection. I think I have a really high self esteem.
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Attitude Test

My test result say I got a 56%. I expected to get a 56% because I usually have a positive attitude. I think positive about most things. I would look on the brighter side of things most of the time. I would be more positive when things are not looking good.I would work to maintain my positive attitude by being nice to my friends. This is what my test results said.
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Career Aptitude

Some of my results were what I expected and some were not. One of them said I would be an astronomer, I personally would not want to be that. But some of them I would like to be, a physical therapist was one of them. After college I want to be a veterinarian. I would go to more schooling to become a veterinarian. These are my test results.
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Learning Style

My learning style is 40% Auditory, 30% Visual, and 60% Tactile. I learn best by hearing things and remembering them. You may not think I'm paying attention but I'm actually hearing every word. Some things the would help and auditory learner is being able to sit wherever I can hear the best. Also studying material by reading it out loud. This is the way I learn best.
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My personality type is INTJ. The I stands for introvert(25%) I tend to stick to myself and not be around a ton of people. The N stands for iNtuitive(12%) It means that I have the ability to understand somethings without reason or direct evidence. The T stands for Thinking(28%) I have modern preference of thinking over feeling. The J stands for Judging(16%) I have slight preference of judging over perceiving.
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Brain orientation test

I am right brained. I was 44% left brained and 56% right brained. My results were as I expected because I am more creative than logical. Some characteristics of right brained people are they tend to be, creative, intuition, curiosity, fantasy, and chaos. Some characteristics of left brained people are they tend to be rational, strategy, rules, logic, and details. This is what my test results said.
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Personality Color

My personality color was green. This is what I expected to be my personality colorr. It says like green I am full of life and love. I am an optimist. I also love to be outdoors. It says I am the best kind of friend someone could have. These are what my results said.
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1. My Career pathway-results were Counseling and mental health Services, Teaching and Training, Professional Support Services, Therapeutic Services, and Consumer services.

2.None of those matched my interest..

3.My career clusters are Human Services, Education and Training, Education and training, Health Science, and Human services.

4.Social Workers and Counselors are some job titles.

5.People who work in this group of occupations help others who are faced with personal, family, or career problems and decisions. They assist them to see their choices clearly and to make a choice that seems best. They may work in private offices, clinics, schools, or hospitals

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1. professional support services, information support and services, Journalism and broadcasting, Legal services Security, and Protective Services.


3.Journalism and broadcasting.

4a.Write original materials and Use libraries.



4d.National = 3% increase in employment

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