Life Without Limbs

Nick Vujicic was born with a rare disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome which means that he doesn't have limbs. Unlike Nick, Lexi Youngberg lost her leg in a boating accident when she was 16.

Both of these people could have easily given up but decided to persevere. They found other ways to continue the sports they loved and live their everyday lives. Not only that, but Nick and Lexi's stories have both become public and continue to inspire people.

While Lexi only lost one leg , Nick has no arms or legs. Also, Nick did not get prosthetic limbs however, Lexi got a prosthetic leg. Nick and Lexi both persevered through the struggles, yet their stories are very different.

The most inspirational video you will ever see Nick Vujicic

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is a pro surer. In 2003, when she was only 13, she was attacked by a shark and lost her arm. To start off her problems, was her daily routine. A lot of simple tasks involved both hands. With a lot of support from her family and lots of perseverance came her solution. After time, Bethany figured out a way to continue on with her daily life.

Bethany's next dilemma was surfing. Even at the age 13 surfing was her whole life. Because she was so passionate she fought to get back on the board. Another answer was her board. Bethany had a board custom made with a handle for her arm. One possible solution to her problem might have been the support from fans. Her story became famous and inspired people. She started to get mail and support from fans. All of this led her to persevere and get back to the waves.

Helen Keller's Life

On June 27, 1880 Helen Keller was born in Alabama. Not long after, in 1882, Helen was struck with an illness. Her disease was undiagnosed but she was left blind and deaf. Then, in 1886, Helen's father went on a quest to find the best teacher for her and came up with Anne Sullivan and in 1887 she became Helen's teacher. Because she was deaf and blind, learning sign language was extremely difficult. With the help of her teacher and family, Helen persevered. A while later, Helen Keller receives admission to Radcliffe College. Finally, in 1904, she becomes the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor's Degree. All through her life she had to persevere. Most deaf or blind people at that time found it hard to even go to school. She inspired people.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a Cosmologist and Theoretical Physicist. In his college years he was diagnosed with ALS. As a result of this he was gradually paralyzed over the decades. Because of ALS he needed a computer in order to communicate. He had to persevere to continue his daily life. Because he was struggling Stephen had to cancel many lectures and take time off to recover.


Blindness is a disability that means you cannot see anything. Blindness has causes such as injuries, diabetes,or glaucoma. You can become blind over time or suddenly.
People who are blind can have trouble driving, walking around, and other daily activities. Some people have ways to help them and perform tasks. For instance, some people have trained guide dogs to help them navigate. Another example is a cane. Most blind people use a cane to feel what is in front of them. The UV Radiation from any light can hurt their eyes so some blind people wear sunglasses.
People who suffer from being blind have to persevere every day. It is tough to not be able to see where you are going. It is hard to go to school and manage everyday activities. Some blind people are looked down on in society. They have to persevere to fit in and live a normal life.
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Eye Diagram

Blindness is a lack of vision. People with less than 20/20 vision are considered legally blind in most states.


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