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What the Mitochondria is and does!

In each cell in your body there is an organelle called mitochondria. It takes your fats and sugars and turns them into energy.

Why it's the most important organelle.

When the mitochondria are working as they are supposed to, you will have all the energy you need (and more), you will be able to function properly, and all of your organs and cells will be working appropriately. The mitochondria is the most important because without it, the other organelles wouldn't be able to work at all. So you most definitely need it to work, or else you're nothing!

What happens when your mitochondria isn't working properly?

Fatigue and weakness.

Difficulty thinking, and remembering

Poor eyesight and digestion.

Poor wound healing

Chronic illness

Low stamina

Allergies and asthma

Diabetes and obesity

Heart disease and certain cancers.