Sean Forbes

by jakobe dayries


Sean Forbes was born on February 5,1982 in Detroit. Sean became deaf at just a few months old,and this came from spinal meningitis. He now became the only deaf person in his household family.Since Sean lived around a musical family,his parents didn't let his deafness stop his experience with music.At age 5, his parents bought him a drum set. He got interested in writing his own songs when he turned 10 years old; and he began playing the guitar.Sean played music along with his other siblings.While his parents were talented in music as well.


Sean Forbes is not only a rapper but he also is a speaker,singer,rapper,and co-founder of D-PAN (The Deaf Professional Arts Network).The D-PAN is an organization that's been making music accessible to those that are deaf by creating music videos with ASL in it to interpret the lyrics.

Why He Does His Job

Sean states the reason why he makes his music in an interview,"Music is something I've wanted to do my entire life. I was always around music growing up. At an early age,my brothers and I decide we wanted to develop careers in the music business.I'm the only deaf one in the family,and also the only one who,as an adult,actively pursued music as a career."
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Interesting Facts

Sean is on tour,performing and giving motivational speeches. Sean went to R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology) and N.T.I.D. (National Technical Institution for the Deaf), where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in multi-disciplinary studies focusing on management,accounting, & communication.