Proteus- Moon of Neptune

By: McKenzie B.

What is Proteus?

Proteus is the farthest moon away from Neptune. It orbits over Neptune's cloud tops, and is the second largest out of all 13 of the moons. Proteus is no more than 12 miles across, but is oddly shaped, and is dotted with impact craters.
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Proteus is one of the darkest objects in the solar system. It only reflects 6% of sunlight that hits it. Proteus was not discovered from earth but from space and was in pictures before it was discovered. The reason it wasn't spotted is because either glare covered it up or it blended into space due to how dark it is. (it can't be seen from earth with the naked eye)
Proteus was discovered by a man named Stephen P. Synnott an American astronomer that found a few of Saturn's moons. Stephen found moons from Neptune, Saturn, jupiter, and Uranus. Some of the moons include Metis, Puck, Proteus, Thebe, and Larissa. Also the magnitude is 20.3
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Proteus, Moon of Neptune


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