World War One

What is it really about?

The MAIN Causes of WWI

Militarism is growing, alliances are being formed, imperialism is taking over the world, and nationalism is either uniting or dividing people. No wonder we're in the middle of a war! Tensions have been growing lately, but this war has us wondering: what is really happening in Europe? Is this going to be the war to end all wars?
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Militarism: Are Growing Militaries the Cause of the War?

Lately, European empires have been expanding their militaries to make them bigger and stronger. They have been inventing new technology like long range artillery, poison gases, and machine guns. Also, we have some pictures of them testing out submarines and airplanes. Could militarism be the cause of the war?

Alliances: Who Will You Choose?

European countries have been making mutual defense agreements, or alliances, with each other lately. Mutual defense agreements means that if an empire is attacked, their ally is supposed to help and protect them. We have news that Russia, France, and England are in an alliance. They are called the Allied Powers. Also, Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary are in an alliance. They call themselves the central powers. This explains why everybody is at war with each other, but we still don't know the reason.
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Imerialism: Taking Over the World

Some European countries have been using imperialism as a way to get wealthy lately. They take over different countries and use them to get new raw materials and resources. In fact, leaders from different countries just had the Berlin Conference to divide Africa. Also, we just got news that the Sepoy Rebellion has just been stopped by the British East India Company. With all these countries fighting to build their empires, it's no wonder tension has been rising!
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Nationalism: Uniting or Dividing?

Nationalism has been growing lately in the European countries. Nationalism is a common loyalty to a religion, language, history and traditions. It united Italy and Germany, but it has also been dividing people. Some places have been inspired by nationalism to rebel from their mother country. It would make sense that nationalism is what this war is about.

Serbian Assasinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand

The spark of the war was the brutal assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his duchess. They were visiting Serbia as representatives for the Austria-Hungary empire. While viewing the area, they were shot by a Serbian nationalist. Sadly, they left behind many children and other relatives. This caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia. Russia went in to protect Serbia, Germany went in to protect Austria-Hungary, and France and England went in to protect Russia. It was a big chain reaction, thanks to the many alliances European countries have made.
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How It All Ties Together

The spark wasn't the only cause of the war. All of the MAIN causes led up to it. The Archduke Franz Ferdinand wouldn't have been in Serbia if it wasn't for imperialism. Austri-Hungary was trying to take over Serbia. The Serbian nationalist wouldn't have killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand if he didn't care so much about his country. Militarism is a big contributor because European countries have been inventing new technology for war. And, some Europeancountries wouldn't even be in this war without making alliances with other countries. It all ties together to start the war to end all wars. "Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people," as said by the legendary war general and incredibly awesome leader Littlejohn.
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