Peirce School Family Newsletter

October 2015

Principal's Message

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Dear Peirce Families & Friends,

Thank you for making the first month of school run so smoothly, I truly appreciate all of the support that many parents, students and teachers have given as I transitioned in to our first month together. There are many things to celebrate in such a short amount of time, but please note the following for our month in review:

  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers welcomed the classes of 2025, 2026 and 2027 to Peirce on Tuesday, September 8th.
  • Curriculum Night was a success - thank you to all of the families that came out to learn about your child's experience at school. Many families also attended the IB Informational sessions, visit the Peirce website to view more information on our IB program.
  • Our celebration of the International Day of Peace was a success as students in PK-8th grades created a human Peace sign on the turf.
  • 5th-8th grade students began their sports season in Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer and Flag Football.
  • Peirce students, teachers and family members participated in the Edgewater 5k benefiting schools in the Edgewater community.
  • Families of the class of 2016 participated in our annual High School Informational Session.
  • Students were recognized during morning announcements for ways in which they showed that they were "Caring" our IB Learner profile for the month of September.

Looking forward to our Centennial Celebration on Saturday, October 24th!


Lori Zaimi


IB Learner Profile - October

Inquirer is the learner profile of focus for the month of October.

"We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. We know how to learn independently and with others. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life."

Also, Sweden will be our country of study as we celebrate the school's centennial. A separate flyer will come home with events at the Swedish American Museum - we encourage families to participate in as many of these events as possible.

Physical Education & Recess Updates

Physical Education & Recess:

As the weather begins to change, make sure that students are dressing appropriately for recess - it is now sweatshirt and jacket season. In addition, some of our gym classes will be held outdoors - specifically for 5th-8th grade students, make sure students have appropriate shoes and sweaters/coats.

Library - Donations Needed

Ms. Ferrand is looking for donations of costumes for our readers theatre center and after school program (Halloween outfits that children have outgrown are perfect). These can include hats and other accessories, but no masks. Miscellanious accessories, ie vests, aprons, capes are all welcome and we need all sizes up through 5th grade.

From the Main Office...

  • Please bring all physicals to the main office and give to Sally. Exclusions will begin on October 15, 2015.
  • Parents please fill out the (FIIF) better known as a Lunch Form. Even if you do not wish to participate we still need a lunch form for every family in our school.
  • Thank you to all parents that have paid the $25.00 Student Fee at this time we are still missing a significant amount of student fees. Please send the student fee to your child's teacher as soon as possible, student fees are used to offset costs for classroom materials.
  • If you have moved recently or changed your phone number, please update your information in the office.

New Staff Introductions

Carolyn Serren has joined the Peirce staff and will teach Spanish while Ms. Sandoval is on leave. Deanna Montgomery is filling in for our 7th grade math class while Ms. Hopkins is out.

Social Media & Peirce Website

Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. and

Also, be sure to visit the site regularly with updates to our calendar, backpack mail and other events going on at the school.

After School Programs

Sign up information went out on Friday, September 25th for all After School All Stars and Fee Based programs. Acceptance letters will go out the first week of October for ASAS programs. Fee based programs will begin on Monday, October 5th and ASAS programs will begin on Tuesday, October 13th.

CIWP Planning

To view our current CIWP (Continuous Improvement Work Plan) visit the Peirce Website, About Peirce section. The Peirce CIWP is a two year plan to support the development and improvement of instruction and students overall experiences at school. This year will be a re-writing year to develop a plan for 2016-2018. Be on the lookout for parent focus groups - your input is important in developing a comprehensive plan for the school.

Local School Council

John Azpeitia, parent of two Kindergarten students was elected on Thursday, September 24th to serve on the Local School Council for the rest of the school year.

Join the LSC at our next meeting at 6pm on October 22nd. This meeting will also include our State of the School presentation.

Special Education Parent Meeting

Join Peirce staff in a session on the Special Education program at Peirce. This session is geared to all parents and will work to develop an understanding of what it means when a student has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and how teachers support both Special Education and General Education students in their classroom. Two sessions will be offered on Tuesday, October 27th one at 8:00am in the Fieldhouse and another at 5:15pm in the auditorium.

Centennial Ticket Sales

If you plan to attend the Centennial Celebration Dinner at Loyola on Saturday, October 24th you can now purchase tickets at, all Peirce families are welcome to attend, tickets are limited so make sure to buy them now.

All families are welcome to attend the Open House at 1:00pm on Saturday, October 24th, all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Parent Portal

If you are not yet signed up for parent portal, please email Assistant Principal Nanavati at to learn how to do so. All parents can use parent portal to monitor student attendance and grades.

Safety & Security Committee Formation

If you are interested in being a part of the Safety & Security committee (newly forming), please email Ms. Zaimi at

Student Council

Student Council elections will be held on Friday, October 2nd. The Installation ceremony for newly elected students will take place on Thursday, October 15th at 5:30pm in the gym . Family and friends of newly elected student council representatives are welcome to participate in the ceremony.

Halloween Parade

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade will be able to dress up and participate in our school-wide Halloween Parade at 1:45pm on Friday, October 30th. Please refrain from sending masks, weapons and scary costumes. Peirce celebrates a healthy Halloween - please do not send candy to school. Classroom teachers will inform parents of any types of celebrations that might happen in their individual classrooms.

Suggestion Box

If you have suggestions on ways to continue to support/improve Peirce, please share via the Suggestion Box, also found on the Peirce homepage.

Electronic Request

Please share with families who may not be receiving the newsletter online that they can request access here, also found on the Peirce homepage.

Upcoming Events

October 1st Centennial Planning Meeting, 8:00am, Fieldhouse

October 1st Peirce VS Brenneman Flag Football Game, 4:30pm

October 1st Peirce Vs Brenneman Soccer Game, 5:15pm

October 2nd Student Council Elections

October 3rd 48th Ward School Fair - Edgewater Library from 10:00am - 12:00pm

Octobter 6th Cross Country Meet at Winnemac Park, 4:00pm

October 6th Peirce Vs Swift Flag Football Game, 4:15pm

October 7th Student Assembly - Danzas Ceremoniales de Mexico

October 7th High School Fair at Peirce, 5:30pm

October 8th Centennial Planning Meeting, 8:00am, Fieldhouse

October 9th Progress Reports Distributed

October 9th PAC Organizational Meeting, 8:00am, Fieldhouse

October 12th No School - Columbus Day

October 13th Cross Country Meet at Winnemac Park, 4:00pm

October 15th Student Council Installation Ceremony, 5:30pm, Gym

October 15th No After School All Stars Programming

October 16th PSO Meeting, 8:00am, Fieldhouse

October 16th Volleyball Tournament at Senn HS 4-7pm

October 19th/20th Picture Day

October 21st, Friends of Peirce Meeting, 6:00pm, Fieldhouse

October 22nd, Centennial Planning Meeting, 8:00am, Fieldhouse

October 22nd LSC Meeting at 6pm

October 23rd Volleyball Tournament at Senn HS 4-7pm

October 24th Peirce Turns 100 - Centennial Celebration, 1:00pm School Open House, 6:00pm Dinner at Loyola (More information to come)

October 26th 6th Grade Indiana Dunes Parent Informational Session, 5:30pm

October 27th Special Education Parent Meeting, 8:00am in the Fieldhouse, 5:15pm in the Gym/Auditorium

October 28th STEAM Night, 5:30 - 7:30pm

October 30th K-8 Halloween Parade, 1:45pm, Turf

October 30th Volleyball Tournament at Senn HS 4-7pm

November 6th Volleyball Tournament at Senn HS 4-7pm

November 11th No School, Veterans Day

November 12th End of 1st Quarter

November 13th No School Students, Professional Development Day