Georgia On My Mind

New living enviornment? Georgia's the place for you!

Welcome To The South

Georgia was founded James Oglethorpe in 1732.

Georgia was founded as a refugee for persecuted.

Known for spoiling or "coddling" pioneers.

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Weather Forecast

No need in struggling to stay warm here! The weather is typically warm and sunny. Often thunderstorms but that just helps crops to thrive faster!

Land O'l Land

Oh, no worries... Georgia is formed with beautiful long, flat plains... perfect for small communities.


Majority of farming and natural resources are rice and indigo in northern Georgia, but in southern Georgia we mostly strive of our best crop, Tobacco.


Mostly run by naval stores and cattle.


Here, there's hardly any laws, FREEDOM is number one!


We have no required religion. Majority of people are Puritans, BUT Catholics aren't allowed!
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Looking For Fun?

Enjoy fishing off our coastline, settling near beaches, and/or hunting!