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Continuing Certification for Trained Teachers -APRIL 2020


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The Genesee Intermediate School District's Reading Recovery Center is located at the Center for Countywide Programs building... 5075 Pilgrim Rd, Flint, Michigan 48507

“It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.” – Mother Teresa

Keep your faith strong as we manage through the major changes and possible challenges that we currently face. Know that you have many friends in Reading Recovery that you can call on personally and professionally.


CONTINUING CERTIFICATION for trained Reading Recovery®,

Literacy Lessons™, and Literacy Support teachers.

  • RR Teacher Touch-Base Zoom meeting Friday, May 1 at 1:00pm.
  • Continuing Certification Zoom Session - Tuesday, May 12 scheduled for 10am-12:30pm OR 1-3:30pm

Genesee ISD Reading Recovery Advocacy

How can we heavily advocate for Reading Recovery?

This is a great picture of Jen Roman, RR teacher at Anderson Elementary in Grand Blanc. See her advocacy story in the Tweet below.

  • Flood Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with RR stories or pictures (gain approval first).
  • Write down your stories about interacting virturally with RR students.
  • Save pictures that you have from virtural learning.
  • Save pictures that students send to you.

Governor Whitmer Visits Troy School District - Reading Recovery Advocacy


On Monday, 3/2/20, Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Wass Elementary in the Troy School District to observe a Reading Recovery lesson, coaching in the classroom, and a kindergarten intervention group. Governor Whitmer witnessed quality literacy instruction with a focus on the investment in teacher expertise. Troy School District is steeped in Reading Recovery, Literacy Lessons, and Literacy Support teachers. The value of Reading Recovery shines bright in Troy’s elementary classrooms with Reading Recovery being the catalyst for change.


Click the link below to review information regarding IDEC data collection. I will review this information at the next RR Continuing Certification session.

Information regarding data collection for Michigan will be sent as soon as decisions are firm.

Click here for IDEC information for 2019-2020

Andy Hargreaves Article

Please share Andy Hargreaves' article, A complete list of what to do — and not do — for everyone teaching kids at home during the coronavirus crisis.

Washington Post Article


Click the link below to access the K-8 ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Social Emotional, and ELL content. My GISD colleagues and I created the packets that are sent to curriculum leaders to print or to pass out at food distribution centers.

Click here for the K-8 Packets

You can also find additional information in the GISD Resources on the GISD website. Click here.


LEVEL BOOKS, NOT CHILDREN by Irene Fountas & Gay Su Pinnell

*Click here to access the article.

Reading Power in Half an Hour

"Teaching following the running record needs to be quick, efficient, and generative."

Mary Borba, Reading Power in Half an Hour

Journal of Reading Recovery, Fall 2002

This article is still relevant. *Click here to access the article.


The Reading Recovery Council of North America is opening up membership and it is FREE. If you are not a member, please take advantage of this offer.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of RRCNA click this link - Reading Recovery Council of North America.

2019-2020 Continuing Certification

The goal of Reading Recovery is to dramatically reduce the number of first-grade students who have extreme difficulty learning to read and write and to reduce the cost of these learners to educational systems.

"If a child is a struggling reader or writer the conclusion must be that we have not yet discovered a way to help him learn."

Dr. Marie M. Clay

Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals (Second Edition)

page 165

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