Legal Compliance


Why LC Compendium?

In every LC, a compendium is needed to ensure the SUSTAINABILITY of the organization. The content stated in the compendium has to be followed at all times to run AIESEC operations and should be part of the transition checklist. The purpose each Executive Board member have to read the compendium is to prevent problems from happening, and not read for solutions.

What does it consists of?

I understand that every minute and every second now counts, as we are 28 days away from the end of term 2014/2015. Reading 34 pages of compendium might be too mainstream at this moment of time,hence I'd extracted out some information that you as an EB MUST KNOW.

Menu of the Day

  1. LC Structure
  2. Membership - LCTU Members & LCTU in AM
  3. Meetings - Legislation & AGM
  4. Election
  5. Financial Regulations

LC Structure

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The structure shall comprised of at least the following roles:

  • LCP

Membership - LCTU Members

All members will either have full membership status or ordinary membership status.

Basic requirements include:

  • Attendance on induction day
  • Pay RM25 membership fee
  • Attendance for LC events
  • Attendance for department's meetings & activities
  • Active account on EXPA
  • Achieve personal KPIs set by respective VPs

These are the requirements that the TM department shall be responsible to evaluate the status of all members. Performance Management System(PMS) will be used to evaluate members' status, besides assessing the Best Performing Member for every quarter.

Membership - LCTU in AM

AIESEC in Taylor's University has Full Member status. Each LC membership status will be review twice in a term,which is during MyLDS and NatCon. In order to keep our status,we must meet the following requirements:

  1. A total of minimum 30 incoming and outgoing exchanges REALISED for the past 12 months prior to the checking date.
  2. A minimum of 5 incoming exchanges and 5 outgoing exchanges REALISED for the past 12 months prior to the checking date.
  3. Not more than 3 months of unpaid National Affiliation Fee.
  4. Complete SONA quarterly surveys within the deadlines determined by AM.
  5. Have at least 50% relative growth of overall exchanges REALISED.
  6. Complete monthly finance survey within the deadlines determined by MCVP Finance.

Note 1: The full requirements are not listed down here.

Note 2: Next review is during NatCon (tentatively 8th-12th July 2015),we have not achieve 50% relative growth yet!


  • 2/3 of the Executive Board members must be present
  • Details of amendments and finalised official documents shall be disclosed in writting within 3 days upon legislative meeting.

Note 1: LC Compendium and IFP have not been legislated, which is one important event we need to carry out before 30th May.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The purpose of AGM is to:

  • Consider and approve the reports of LCP and LCVPs.
  • Consider and approve the financial report and accounts.
  • Consider and decide upon matters submitted by the EB and members.
  • Install the new term EB.
  • Discharge the current term EB with the presence and approval of at least 2/3 Full Members.


Eligibility to apply:

  • Application shall be open at least 14 days before application deadline.
  • Full time student.
  • CGPA must be 2.6 or above.
  • Able to commit for 12 months.
  • Attended at least 1 local or regional or national or international AIESEC conference.

External involvement from EB:

  • Current LCP & LCVPs are not allowed to endorse an applicant for their department/role.
  • No preference and no personal opinion on the application or applicant to members of LCs.

Financial Regulations

All finance-related procedures such as reimbursements should be abided with reference to the Internal Financial Policy.

Kindly refer to Compendium page 25 to page 32.

Reading Materials

Please read thoroughly both compendium during your free time.