KCS C&I Update | December

Resources to Support Teaching & Learning in KCS

Canvas Updates

  • Canvas Virtual Teaching Quickguide - transitioning to virtual learning? Click Here
  • Canvas Certified Educator Cohort - if you are interested in participating in the KCS Cohort to become a Canvas Certified Educator Click Here!
  • Grade Passback Update - in lieu of recent progress, we expect to roll out this feature soon after Winter Break. Below are actions that you can take to prepare your Aspen & Canvas for this feature:
  1. Set Grade Scales for each Course, Section, and Category.
  2. SIStemic Grade Passback Canvas Tutorial

Continuing Canvas Communication:

How/When do I get support?

  • How - there are multiple ways to receive Canvas support:
    1. Canvas Teacher Quickguide

    2. Virtual Teaching Quickguide

    3. KCS Professional Learning sessions

    4. KCS Teach/Learn Website Canvas Resources

    5. T2L Leader(s) in your school

    6. Instructional Design Specialists

  • When - there are multiple times throughout the school year:
    1. In-service Days - look for Canvas/Digital Learning Support

    2. Twice per month - ASC PL Sessions hosted by Christian Horner

    3. On-Demand Support -

Be sure to check out the Professional Learning section below to see what support is being offered in the coming months to support Blended Learning & Canvas!

Professional Learning

Previous Professional Learning Resources

Below are some of the Professional Learning sessions held during November. For access to resources, click here to access our Archives page.

  • K-5 ELA Curriculum Collaborative - 11/5
  • K-2 Device Support - 11/9
  • Using Interactive Video in a Blended Classroom - 11/10
  • K-5 Math Collaboratives - 11/10 & 11/12
  • MS ELA Book Study - 11/11
  • MS Math Symposium - 11/16
  • MS Math Book Study - 11/19
  • Digital Tools for Collaboration - 11/19

Upcoming Professional Learning Sessions

Click the image to access the PL Calendar, and below are our planned December Professional Learning Sessions:

Curriculum Updates

Literacy Updates:


There are wonderful resources in the Ed platform from HMH. Go to the professional learning tab and you will find a wealth of information. There are even ways to energize your students and take care of yourself. Students can complete alphabet yoga. Even older students can participate by calling out vocabulary as they pose.

Alphabet Yoga:


It is important to take care of yourself during this time as well. Participate in "Breathing Techniques to Lower Stress". This is helpful for teachers and students. The link below will take you to a video in your Ed account. Simply log in to the platform.

Breathing Techniques to Lower Stress- (Elementary teachers must be logged into the Ed account to access this video.)



Penny Kittle shares examples of reading conferences and writing conferences in her classroom. In a time where you may find yourself with very few students in a classroom, this is a great practice to try out. Check out the links below to see examples of these conferences:

Reading Conference Videos:


Writing Conference Videos:


Penny also shares the importance of drawing to activate thinking in writing. See this link to explore some of her notebook work.

Sketching: The Importance of Drawing to Activate Thinking


Notebook work:


Mathematics Updates:

Hypatia For Google

Hypatia, named after the first female mathematician, is a math editor to make adding math symbols and equations easier in Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. To use this tool, just go to the toolbar, click on Add-ons and select Hypatia in the drop-down list. Additional information about the features of Hypatia is available by clicking on this link to watch a one-minute video.

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