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September 4, 2020

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Lincoln School

Our Vision-Lincoln School is a community that fosters a sense of belonging to grow as a citizen and a learner.

Lincoln leopards are respectful, responsible, and safe---Roar!

2020-21 Upcoming Dates

Friday, 9/4/20 - Institute Day - No School

Monday, 9/7/20 - Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, 9/8/20 - Virtual Curriculum Night Grades K, 1, and 2 for remote and in person.

Thursday, 9/10/20 - Virtual Curriculum Night Grades 3, 4, and 5 for remote and in person.

Curriculum Night

As you know we are changing things up a little for our curriculum night, due to social distancing guidelines. We will do our curriculum night in a "Flipped classroom" type of format. I will share the links to the grade level or classroom presentations directly with you, these are links to the recorded presentation from your child's classroom teacher.

In addition, there is a link to a google form specific to that grade level for you to submit questions after you have watched the presentation. These submitted questions will guide the live Q and A sessions on either Tuesday, Sept. 8 or Thursday, Sept. 10. I am also including the links to the google meet for you to join the live Q and A sessions. This information is below, and I will also share them directly with your emails specific to your class or grade level.

Please let me know if you ahve any questions,

Lincoln Bulletin-

What a glorious change in the weather, it has been absolutely beautiful and our staff and students have taken advantage of being outside. We are playing games outside, running relay races and more activities will be taught next week, led by our classroom teachers and Ms. Semenek our PE teacher, Coach Izzie, and myself. In addition, we are using our outdoor spaces for extensions of our classroom. We are utilizing our courtyard for extra individualized supports and reading spots, our lawn area for journaling, and our kindergarten is even using our patio for interactive read alouds.

Today our students were able to showcase their tie-dyed masks and other tie-dye gear for our throwback Thursday! Even our outside statue participated.



It is recommended that you call the attendance line by 7:30 am each day that your child will be absent. Our Attendance Hotline is available 24/7 for your convenience. This applies to both IN-PERSON and REMOTE students.

Certification each morning

Certification for your student is a 2-step process:

Please remember each morning to complete the Parent Self Certification form for all of your children - D303 Parent Self Certification Form

(1) complete the on-line certification by 7:40 am each morning prior to your student coming to school

(2) after you complete the on-line certification, make sure you initial the tag that is on your child’s backpack.

We cannot let your student into the building until this online certification has been completed. Thank you for your help with this!

From the Nurse:

These first weeks of school have been exciting and filled with new challenges for all of us. Kudos to all you parents and guardians for completing the Self-Certification Form each morning to ensure our Lincoln Learners arrive healthy. I've observed students responsibly wearing their masks and respectfully observing social distancing.

The one area I can see room for improvement is with basic handwashing. Handwashing is one of the most effective and easiest things we can do to stay healthy and safe.

Please review proper handwashing with your child. There are 5 steps: 1. Wet 2. Soap 3. Scrub 4. Rinse 5. Dry.

Remind your child to scrub for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice or ABCs). All of us working together will keep our Lincoln Learners and staff healthy and safe.

Lincoln Learners are Respectful, Responsible and SAFE...Roar!


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Family Stories---It isn't too late please submit your puzzle piece--

As we begin the year we are focusing on belonging and acknowledgment. One of our consistent practices across all grades and classrooms is the morning meeting this is happening for all learners, in-person, and remote.

At Lincoln our vision is

Lincoln School is a community that fosters a sense of belonging to grow as a citizen and a learner.

At the beginning of this year we are doing a school-wide sharing of family stories-Lincoln students and staff are sharing their family stories. As a staff, we did this during our opening days and then created a puzzle piece to represent our stories. This will be turned in to the office by all students and staff and we will create a wall hanging in our main hall. This is representative of our broader community and connects to our yearlong theme which is below.

Together wherever we fit together!

We are asking you to have your child create their puzzle and please turn it into your classroom teacher if you are in person by September 1, or as a remote student by Sept. 8—we will then put these all together and share with our community. This will be on the wall in our main hallway during the year. If you are a remote learner, please stop by Lincoln to pick up the puzzle pieces after Aug. 31st.

Some examples from our staff are below,

Mr. Miller shared a slice of the summer and his quest to find a gift for his wife’s birthday.

Mrs. Klotz shared her family story on how her two kids and she learned how to paddle board.

Ms. Kappele shared how she was able to connect with her family using portal since they are further along.

Just so you know this family story doesn’t need to be from the beginning of time but can be a highlight of how you spent your time over the past few months. We look forward to seeing this from all of you.

Curriculum Links below-

Welcome from Mrs. Woodring-Introduction to 2020 Curriculum Night-

Ruth Simon-Ruth Simon Curriculum Night

Marianne Rice-5th Grade Band-Curriculum Night Band Presentation

Rita Borkowski - Orchestra D303 Elementary Orchestra Program Overview

Angelic Semenek - PE/Wellness -Semenek Curriculum Night

Leslee Schilb, Kristin Skells, Margaret Smith, Arianna Drews Student Support Team

Karin Cranmer - LRC Curriculum Night

Christine Watts - Art Curriculum Night Presentation and Screencastify of Art Presentation

Grade level specific presentations-please view these and then use the Q and A form to submit questions--then on Tuesday or Thursday join the google meet from the comfort of your home.

Kindergarten- Ms. Estabrook’s

Link to Q and A-

Link to 6:00 Google meet-Nickname: Lincoln

Link to 6:30 Google meet - Nickname:Remote

First Grade- Ms. Kappele Parent Night Recording of Slideshow

Ms. Kappele Slideshow with links

Mrs. Haegele Curriculum Night

Link to Q and A-

Link to 6:00 Google

Link to 6:30 Google

Second Grade-2nd Grade Curriculum Night

Link to Q and A-

Link to 6:00 Google

Link to 6:30 Google

Third Grade-3rd Grade Curriculum Night

Link to Q and A-

Link to 6:00 Google

Link to 6:30 Google

Fourth Grade-4th Grade presentation

Link to Q and A-

Link to 6:00 Google

Link to 6:30 Google

Fifth Grade- 5th Grade Presentation

Link to Q and A-

Link to 6:00 Google

Link to 6:30 Google

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