DISD Tuesday Tech Talk

March 29, 2016

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QR Codes Can Do That?!

Thank you, Julie Smith, for sending this GREAT article on QR (Quick Response) Codes!

Did you know with QR Codes you can:

1. Talk! (Add your voice)

2. Attach a PDF File

3. Collect Information with Google Forms!

4. Send a Tweet

5. Change Locations

Click HERE to read more!

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WOW!!! TCEA Convention 2016 Handouts!

If you didn't get a chance to attend the TCEA (Texas Computer Educators Association this year), you will still be able to download the handouts! The list is AMAZING and most of the sessions are done by classroom teachers just like you. Here is the link to the handouts that were presented in ALL sessions! ENJOY!


You can also check out previous years (2014 and 2015) handouts.



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Shout Out!

Lisa Heath (Junior High) - Mrs. Heath is using Google Cardboard in her classroom! Mrs. Heath says, "We haven't quite gotten to the educational aspect of Google Cardboard yet, but we've had a blast riding roller coasters and looking at the Eiffel Tower. The coolest feature I've found is Google Street View. They have a cardboard option and you can visit almost anywhere. I found a tour of various places that coincide with Holocaust history. I plan on implementing it with my upcoming units. (See photo)

TIP--I placed contact paper on my cardboard because the yucky grease from their faces was leaving stains. Now I can just wipe it off.

She also says, "My students created a Kahoot! for STAAR review. They had to choose from topics like prefixes, non-fiction text features, organizational text patterns, and inferencing."

Gina Hodges, Gloria Hurtado, Kaleena Mayo (Elementary) - Mrs. Hodges', Mrs. Hurtado's and Mrs. Mayo's classes have been communicating with students in France this year. They have shared Flat Stanley projects/Dr. Seuss activities and are learning about their lunches in France versus our lunches here in Diboll, Texas.The students will be creating a video of Diboll to send to France. France students will be filming their town, the palace and other important places to send to Diboll. The students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about France and communicating with them and hope to continue to learn more. The students are communicating via mail and messenger since the students' school in France only has 2 rooms with wi-fi.

Mrs. Hodges' and Ms. Hurtado's classes took selfie pictures with their K and 1st grade reading buddies on selfie day. Each week the 2nd graders read with their K and 1st grade buddies to help them learn and love to read. Now the 1st graders read to the 2nd graders. Our goal is to help the K and 1st graders build a love of reading.

Follow Mrs. Hodges' class on Twitter at @Hodges2nd, Mrs. Hurtado's class at @ghurtadodisd, and Mrs. Mayo at @KaleenaMayo!

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COLLEAGUES?! - I asked earlier in the week if any of you had a colleague that NEVER brags on all the wonderful things they are doing with technology in their classroom. Here's what I heard through the grapevine.....

**Rachel Bowker says that Brooke Curtis makes AMAZING games and lessons using her Smart Board.

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Set the Expiration Date on Your Google Drive, Docs, Sheets & Slides
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PreK-5th Grade Teachers...

Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA) says...."Looking for a great learning experience this summer that will enhance your teaching skills and energize you at the same time? Then look no further than the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference, an event so popular that we are offering two this summer. Join us in Galveston on June 12-14 or the next month in Frisco on July 24-26 for workshops and sessions that are designed by elementary educators for elementary educators." Click HERE for more information!
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Four Updates to Google Forms You're Going to Love

Google announced a list of four new features for Google Forms. One of the features that would be great to use if you are using Google Forms for feedback from students, exams, etc., is the ability to see who has completed your form/exam and who hasn't. The new features also make it a lot easier to create forms. Click HERE to read more about these four great updates!

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Connecting Your Classroom to The World with Google Apps

Google Expeditions

April 20, 2016

Space is limited, register today!

Register Here

Excellent teachers strive to bring the treasures, beauty and wonder of the outside world into their classrooms. In this session, we will explore Google Apps that empower you to connect your class to the best the world has to offer. We'll begin the day with a visit from Kevin Hodges, Regional Education Manager with Google for Education, for a hands-on demonstration of Google Expedition, which utilizes Google Cardboard to access natural wonders from around the world via Virtual Reality field trips. You'll be some of the first teachers to experience this pioneer program. When we explore the Google Cultural Institute, you are guaranteed to find something that will interest you and your students among the millions of curated pieces of art and artifacts. Whether you want to get "nose to nose" with the Venus de Milo, or stand 'on stage' at the Ford Theater and see where Lincoln sat that fateful night, utilizing the Google Cultural Institute makes the learning real for your students.

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