The Spread of the Black Plague

In 1347 AD,the trading ships carried dead sailors with black growth in chest.The plague also destroyed Christian's in Israel. 140 Dominican brothers in Montpellier died from the plague. 7 survived. During the plague,music was very rare. Visual arts were made in other art forms. In the 1890's, the United States used to have it in the San Fransisco Bay area with the cause.

The Plague Continues

Location and Spread of the Black Death

In 1300 AD, in much of West & South Europe. The poem was most likely outgrowing & what could be sustained givent the logical limits of age. Food shortage & rapidly growing prices were becoming a fact of life in som parts of France & Italy by the early 14th century. Plague was reportrdly first introduced to Europe at trading city of Caffa in the crimea in 1347. after aprotacted the infected corpses over the city walls to spread infection. The plague reached sicily in October 1347, carried by 12 Genoese galleys, & rapidly spread all over the island. galleys from Caffa reached Genoa & Venice in January 1348, but it was the outbreak in Pisa a few weeks later that was the entry point to Northern Italy. The plague struck various countries in the Middle East during the pandemic leading to serious depopulation & permanent change in both economic & social structures.