What is credit

Whats credit?

Credit is something that will help you get a home,car and other purchases in life.Forms of credit are credit score,credit card,store credit,credit bureau,credit report,and creditworthiness. Some of the costs with credit come with interest which is what you pay or recieve. Personal loans aren't good you have to pay more back than you have to due to high apr. If you happen to get a loan its best to pay it back to the lender.what detemines if you get credit is the credit bureau.

3 important parts of credit

In college you will have a credit card make sure you are responsible. One way to build up credit is buy having your phone bill,bank account, in your name. credit score will help you get a house and a car.

What do i need to know about credit cards?

A credit card will help you pay your bills and help build your credit. You can use credit card where ever credit card is taken. You have to be aware of your spending since you have to pay a over the limit fee along with the annual monthly fee. Another fee is the penalty fee for if you are late on a payment. Interest isn't that big. these are costs of using credit card a benefit is that you can bring your credit score up.

Credit card trap

You shouldn't fall into the credit card trap. The credit card trap is when you have more than one credit card and going into avoid this don't get a lot of loans since you will end up paying more than you have to on your loans