Vote Yes! For Co-ed Sports Teams!

By: Isabella O.

Why am I for co-ed sports teams?

I think that boys and girls should be on the same sports team for many reasons..

  1. You could be let down
  2. A girl can also be as strong as a boy
  3. You also may be skilled in the sport but they wont let you in because of your gender.

There are many good reasons for co-ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Co-ed water polo team^

Adults co-ed Volleyball Is Gelling Very Popular!

Let's make childrens co-ed teams more popular too!

You might be let down

  • A 13 year old boy played on a field hockey team but he had to quit because he was a boy.
  • Studies show that girls can't throw as well as boys, if you we're a girl and tried out for a boys baseball team you may not make the team because you may not throw as well as a boy.

Girls don't have a disadvantage they are just as strong as boys!

  • A girl used to play on a boys hockey team but she was kicked off because they had a girls team. She probably was a tough girl if she was on a boys hockey team.
  • Studies show that girls are just as athletic as boys.

You may be really skilled in the sport but you couldn't play because of gender!

  • Julie O'Connor said " it's not about the size it's about the skill."
  • Hayley Wikenheiser was the first women to play on a professional hockey team. She was in the Olympics, and has 3 gold medals and 1silver medal.
Both genders like a lot of the same sports^

A lot of people are doing co-ed sports!

Lets take action and let the youth play whatever sport that they wish!