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Recommended by MIT community members

Christine Nguyen, Ph.D., Research Group Director, MIT Department of Chemistry

"The YMCA International Learning Center was great and able to work with us to design a class for our needs. We can already see an improvement in [our students'] speaking and pronunciation skills. We will probably try and do this on a yearly basis for new postdocs or students in our lab based on need."

Learning Fair

Wednesday, Aug. 28th 2013 at 12-1pm

84 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA

(MIT Student Center, Third Floor, Mezzanine Lounge)

Find inexpensive or even free English classes at any level, and a free conversation partner to practice English or one of 40 other languages (MIT community only)

Organizations at the Learning Fair

YMCA International Learning Center

Teaching House Boston

Boston Life

Cambridge Center for Adult Education

MIT Language Conversation Exchange, MIT Women's League English Classes, & MIT Free English Classes from the Baptist Campus Ministry