The Great Wall Of China!

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People bileved that a man named Qin Shi Huang started to build The Great Wall. He was the first emperor for China.
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The Great Wall was made out of stone, brick, minerals, and many more. People did not know how Qin Shi Huang died they take it as a big mystery.


Qin Shi Huang was born in Handam. He lived in Xianyang City. The event happened in Northern China.
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The Great Wall Of China was built in 200-206 BC. Qin Shi was born in 259 BC. He died September 10, 210 BC at the age of 49.
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The Great Wall Of China was to protect China from the Mongolians. Qin Shi was important because he started the wall.
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The emperor started it by putting small rocks on top of each other and making a wall. He became famous by starting the great wall.