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That's what many of us are waiting to hear when we return to worship on campus!

Many have asked about our plans for a return to worship and everything else church-related. In this issue you will find answers to these and other questions concerning our post-COVID 19 strategy.

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POSSIBLE date of return set for June 21

The leadership team for FBC consists of staff, employees, deacon chair, ministry leaders, and committee leaders. This group has met twice in recent weeks to discuss and determine a safe and secure way to return to the building. At this time, June 21 is set for a POSSIBLE return but we ask for your prayers and we will watch and see what happens in our community and region.
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PLANS being put in place for return!

There are MANY concerns and considerations to reopen the church to public gatherings. We want you to be aware of what you should expect as we approach our POSSIBLE date of June 21.

1. FACILITIES - Our facilities have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Let us thank Justice and Robin for their hard work in getting things ready.

2. ENTRANCE - while we will be very happy to see you we want to ensure that all guests are safe. As you approach the main entrance help us by social distancing and take the necessary precautions.

3. MASKS - we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to wear a mask. Everyone has their opinion on its effectiveness. However, please be advised of this request.

4. SOCIAL DISTANCING - we are going to practice social distancing on campus for at least the Summer. Please understand and give time for you to arrive, get your seat, and avoid people. Pews will be taped off that are unusable during this time. Please do not sit in them, even if that is your "usual spot". Jesus can see you from anywhere and so can Pastor Aaron.

5. LIMITED SEATING - due to limited seating we will have 2 services at the time and style we are currently having them online. We will STILL HAVE ONLINE as an option.

6. AT-RISK PEOPLE - if you are one who is at risk, sick, or feel fearful for any reason then please remain at home for now and worship with us online. If you, or a family member, have a fever (100+) please remain at home. If you, or a family member, have had a fever (100+) within 24 hours, please stay home.

7. DISINFECTING - in between worship times there will be a cleansing and disinfecting time. Also, pews used in the 8am worship will not be used in the 11am worship.

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Today, we are online only. When we re-open church it will be done in small steps.

1. WORSHIP ONLY - the first stage of reopening will be worship only on-campus and online. There will be no nursery and no children's church. Families will sit together. There should be no hugging, no handshaking, etc in order to promote social distancing during this time.

2. GROUPS will remain online. Our facilities do not allow for proper distancing with the groups we have. If your D-Group wishes to meet in person please do so where proper cleaning and distancing can take place. Our employees are not able to keep up with it right now and most of our spaces are not socially distant enough for many of our groups.

3. VBS is CANCELLED for 2020. We are currently discussing other potentials. However, we cannot house children in this manner safely. Also, kids do not understand social distancing anyway. This was a difficult decision and hurts us, but it is the safest option for us at this time.

4. FALLS CREEK YOUTH CAMP is canceled for 2020. Keith is working on potential options for our students. Please be patient as we work to stay with current guidelines and safety measures.

Worship Options June 21

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