The Boy Who Saved Baseball.

By:Riley Longstreet


The theme of this story is trying to tell you to never give up, no matter how many times you try.


Cruz is a very brave young man, he is not afraid of anything. He always has a positive atitude and likes helping others. His hobbies are playing baseball, and riding horse. One of my friends that reming me of him is isaiha.


I think the climax of this story is when they were on the last inning. There was two outs and Tom was up to bat. He smacked the ball straight up in the air. The tall, and athletic pitcher called for the ball while two other players called for it too. The wind was blowing and it made the ball move. The players collided and tom scored in the winning run and won the big game. While the excitment and everything was going on after the game, Someone yelled out, "Doc is in trouble, big trouble." When they looked to see what happend doc had died. I thought the players was going to catch the ball and they were going to lose the game, and i never thought doc was going to have a heart attac.


I think Mccaden is my hero because some how when somethings wrong he always finds a way to make it better. Like in baseball when it was a big game and we needed to get two outs, he turned a double play to me at firstbase. So thats why he is my hero.