Bullets & Ballots

Power: Groups & Shifts

So Here's The Thing

The power drastically shifted throughout the three months, but the game also ended early due to the final shift in power. There were three basic shifts of power before the game ended, and it ended in the same position as it started.


There were five groups involved in the simulation. The Army & Wealthy; who had the country's power at the beginning, The United States; who are the world's most powerful nation, The Geurillas; who's intention was to rebel against the government or A&W, The Peasants; who had absolutely no power but they did have double votes, and The Government; who didn't exactly have the strongest grip on their country.

Shifts in Power

Throughout the three 'months' of the game the power shifted from the Army & Wealthy to the Guerillas then back to the Army & Wealthy. What happened was that the Guerillas had attempted to overthrow the Army & Wealthy, but since the Army & Wealthy had an alliance with America, the United States took control of Guatemala and then put The Army & Wealthy back into power.


Why did these shifts in power occur? This can-and does, occur in real life situations. It happens basically because of an unhappy group in an unstable country. If your government is able to be overthrown, it isn't solid. And when someone isn't happy with the government's decision, they will rebel. That's where the Guerrillas come into play. The Guerrillas believed everyone was equal and demanded a communist government rather than a democracy, so they took over. They were able to do because they had more military strength than the government and the Army & Wealthy. The U.S. of course stepped in and invaded all of Guatemala, and being in alliance with the A&W, put them back in control. Since America has a rocky relationship with Cuba, and Cuba was in an alliance with the Guerrillas, that gave them even more of a reason to do it.